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Magick Rising

"Blood Rising"

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Blood Rising

Bell Bridge Books
August 2013
Print: 9781611943276
Electronic: 9781611943504

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Every sort of magick collides in these six paranormal tales of magick and romance . . .

Magick Justice from P.J. Bishop, a wonderful new voice in urban fantasy
A man on a mission to save his soul and a young reporter descended from a Samurai magicker must risk everything in a fight against a Rising of Demons.

Spirits Rising from RITA winner Evelyn Vaughn
A little haunted history is what Penny expects when staging a Victorian mansion in Galveston. What this amateur ghostbuster doesn't expect is a mysterious stranger and a dark curse.

Blood Rising from RITA finalist and Reader's Choice award winning author Karen Fox
When revenge for her sister's killer drives a vampire slayer's every thought, can she put aside her vengeance long enough to trust the one man who can help her?

A Shift in Magick from Golden Heart winner Laura Hayden
Private investigator Jonathan Craft's tricks-of-the-trade include the carefully guarded secret of his shapeshifting. A routine case turns dangerous and forces him to rethink everything he knows about his life.

Destiny Rising from popular romance writer Jodi Dawson writing as Jodi Anderson
Celeste and Erik have serious history. Centuries ago she doubly damned herself by killing the man she loved to save the world from an evil wizard. Her one chance to bring him back to her has gone horribly wrong.

Wolf Rising  from bestselling YA author Parker Blue
Duncan Gray desperately needs a cure for the lycanthropy that is killing him. His last hope is a Wiccan woman with secrets and fears of her own.

Review Quotes for Magick Rising

Featured on Top Off Tuesday

"Magickal beings abound in this spectacular anthology featuring six very talented authors!   In Karen Fox's "Blood Rising", Hayley Donahue is determined to find the vampire who killed her sister. But is she ready to accept the help of Rurik Anatoli? Karen Fox tackles the vampire mythology and puts her own spin to it. I like how she builds the world in "Blood Rising" and hope to see more stories in this vein." -- Debbie Wiley, FreshFiction.com

"Overall, these stories were good reads. I’m not usually a big fan of short story anthologies, but the exposure to new authors was worth it. I’ve never read other books from any of them, and have added quite a few of them to my “to-read” shelf after this.  Blood Rising from Karen Fox was my usual type of favorite story – the vampire kind. Hayley is a damaged vampire slayer, who picked up the stake when her sister was turned into a crazed “dead vampire.” This book included the Vampire Academy-esque designation of dead and alive vampires, which was familiar enough to me that I really enjoyed it. The steamy scenes between Rurik and Hayley were some great reads and the mystery had me second guessing myself until the end. " -- Carrie, CarrieReadsAlotBlog

"Great Paranormal Stories! I really enjoyed this anthology! It introduced me to some authors I hadn't read before as well as those I always enjoy. Each story offered something different and I found them very enjoyable!" -- Lana, GoodReads.com

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Fantasy fiction!!, August 9, 2013

"I have always been a huge fan of the fantasy genre. One of the things that I love about reading anthologies is that not only do you have the big named authors, but also other authors that you may not have heard of previously. So it allows you to get a glimpse at their writing styles and possibly discover a new author whose works you will love.  Magick Rising has 6 novellas that are vastly different. The unifying theme is that all stories revolve around a supernatural or magickal being.  This anthology has it all: vampires, shapeshifters, magickers (the term used in one story for magick users), werewolves, ghosts, and much more!My second favorite would be, Blood Rising by Karen Fox. This was my first story that I had read by her. If any of her books are even half as good as this novella, then I will become a huge fan quickly.

This is definitely a must read book. I don't want to go into too much more details since they are short novellas and I don't want to give the stories away. However, I read this book in one sitting because each story was incredibly written. I didn't want to put this one down." -- N. Wills, Wakela's World

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Readers Speak

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Why Did I Write This Book?

With all the vampire stories that have been published, I wanted to do something a little different.  What if the vampire wasn't the good guy?  This novella actually came from a full-length novel I'd written that was never published.  The story and characters were tweaked but the unique setting of Manitou Springs (a quaint tourist town outside of Colorado Springs) remains.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

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