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Buttercup Baby

PRISM Finalist
Light Paranormal Category

WINNER of the Booksellers Best Award
Best Paranormal/TT/Futuristic

Finalist for the Colorado Romance Writers
Award of Excellence
Paranormal Category

Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence
Reviewers Choice Award Winner

Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence
Honorable Mention
Best Paranormal

2001 P.E.A.R.L. Nominee
Best Fantasy/Magical

#91 on Amazon.com's Bestseller List for Fantasy, Futuristic and Ghost

"I highly recommend this gloriously magical story. Karen Fox can create the most delightful characters and most whimsical stories. This is a spin-off story of Prince of Charming, but it totally stands on its own. This book is definitely one of those 'not to be put down until it is finished' stories. I eagerly look forward to what Karen Fox will come up with next. I know it is sure to be a winner."
--Kathy Boswell, ,Romance and Friends
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Buttercup Baby

Ariel of the Fae had never seen a baby before. But then why would she have? Children do not exist in her realm. So the moment she finally enters the mortal world and spies a sleeping child, Ariel falls instantly in love--and decides she wants one. All she needs is a suitable mortal man...

Rand Thayer meets all the criteria. He is handsome, healthy--and fertile. Perfect. Except for one small problem... When Ariel boldly marches up to him and asks him to impregnate her, her flat-out refuses! While Rand may be a good catch, he certainly is not an easy one. Now, Ariel will have to rethink her less-than-tactful tactics and consider the strange possibility of getting to know him first...

(Originally titled QUEEN OF HEARTS)

Jove Magical Love
October 2001
ISBN 0-515-13169-5

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Review Quotes for Buttercup Baby

"This cute fantasy romance brings a fairy from Titania's court to the mortal world.   ...Fox has more than enough fun with the difficulties of a Shakespearean fairy learning to cope with the modern world..."
--Carolyn Cushman, Locus Magazine

"Buttercup Baby is a lighthearted look at human-Fae relations at their most delightfully intimate. Karen Fox, author of Prince of Charming, has created another enchanting book for Jove's Magical Love imprint."
--Heart to Heart, Barnes & Noble Booksellers

"Another book where the story is a pleasure to read through to the end. The joy and excitement of the story will keep you turning pages until the very end and wishing for more. Ms. Fox does leave an opening for another Fae story with Ariel and Rand's daughter who Oberon pronounces part Fae; so we can only hope!"
--Cy Korte, Book Isle

"A lively, enchanting love story filled with strong emotion and humor. An absolute gem as only Karen Fox can write."
-- MB, Rendezvous

"If you like stories about Fairies, you'll enjoy this book. It has an interesting twist concerning the relationship between the world of the Fae and the world of mortals."
--Debra Douglas, Old Book Barn Gazette

"Gifted author Karen Fox follows up her wonderful Prince of Charming with the delightful Buttercup Baby.  Join the magic and the emotion of this special charmer. ****"
--Jill Smith, Romantic Times

"Priceless...the first word that comes to mind to describe Karen Fox's new book. Magic and mayhem for sure but something you wouldn't want to miss. It brings tears to your eyes and makes you wait for more--like the story of their child, for example. This book in Jove's Magical Love line is nothing short of a keeper. Priceless, just as I said."
--Jessica, A Romance Review

"Buttercup Baby is a humorous fantasy romance starring two warm characters. The essence of this tale and its predecessor (see Prince of Charming) is that the audience believe in the realm of the Fae so that everything that occurs to and is done by Ariel works in support of that concept. The fun story line provides the audience with humorous escapist material but also contains a serious subtle sub-theme of prejudice against an entire subspecies that stands as a reminder to the reader that Arab-Americans must be allowed and encouraged to
join in our collective grieving."
--Harriet Klausner, ParaNormal Romance

"I would never have guessed that tears of the Fae turned into opals! Or that each hiccup made a buttercup fall into their lap! Or that green Jell-O could... Well, you get my point. This is one love story readers will NEVER forget! Karen Fox's pen brings magic to life! Not many authors could make Faeries and magic seem REAL! I kept forgetting this was a work of fiction. Highly recommended! It gets no better than this!"
--Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

"Readers who delighted in Prince of Charming will adore Buttercup Baby. I found it funny, charming, sweet, and very romantic, a read of the pick-me-up, feel good variety. It is this reviewer's hope that Ms. Fox will continue to share the lives of the Fae with her readers."
--Leslie Tramposch, ParaNormal Romance

"Ariel, deposed queen of the Pillywiggins, is sent by Oberon, the King of the Faery, to check on his mortal baby grandson. Captivated by the infant, she decides that she must have one of her own. Rand, a handsome carpenter, is also visiting the child. He seems like the ideal candidate for setting her plan in motion but turns out to be quite difficult to seduce. Fortunately fairies have their own sensuous ways, which Fox describes in exquisite detail. Ariel finally gets him to bed, magics away his condom, and sets off all the electrical appliances in his house with her orgasm. Unable to return to the magical realm, Ariel stays with Rand, meets his extensive family, and discovers that her magic has gone seriously awry, resulting in a series of disasters, one involving vast quantities of green Jell-O! Fox's good-natured fantasy romance isn't all sweetness and light; it's spiked with suspense once a stalker discovers that Ariel weeps opals."
--American Library Association's Booklist

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Readers Speak

"I can tell you I love this novel. The revisit to the characters from Prince of Charming is enchanting. I truly get into these fairy people who give up their kingdoms for love."
--Sharon (Ohio)

"I just adored your Buttercup Baby and added it to my All-Time Most Favorite Reads."
--Kiki (email)

"Hi! I just finished reading your books, Prince of Charming and Buttercup Baby. They were great. I'm certainly a fan now."
--Shelly (email)

"Karen - I just read Buttercup Baby. I hate you! It's so great, darnit. It made me laugh, cry and scream!"
--Jess (email)

"I just recently read Buttercup Baby and loved it! I am on a hunt for the back titles now, and the books The Wyrd Sisters did together. They sound great!"
--Melissa (email)

"I just loved both the books from you I have so far. Prince of Charming and Buttercup Baby!!! Absolutely adorable and forever keepers on my bookshelves. Will there be a new story about Rose? I do hope so!"
--Angela (Germany)

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Why Did I Write This Book?

This book grew out of a desire to write another story involving the Fae and started as a "what if?" What if a faery wanted to have a baby? How would she get pregnant? What would her pregnancy be like? And what kind of hero could handle her? Thanks to brainstorming sessions with my critique group, Ariel and Rand came to life and the adventure was off. Originally I didn't know Rand's family would play such an important role in this story, but they insisted on being involved. I hope you enjoy this very different tale.

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