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Grand Design

"A whimsical escape. With her characteristic ingenuity, Fox paints a blend of the fantastic and the mundane, bringing enormous passion to her canvas in this portrait of love. Favorite secondary characters of this miniseries seamlessly connect the novel to the other parts of the miniseries, in addition to introducing two willful, strong-minded main characters. A playful, lighthearted read, Grand Design is perfect reading for an afternoon. Recommended."
--Cindy Penn,

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Grand DesignThe historical Chesterfield Hotel once offered visitors the graceful charm of its sumptuous rooms and the healing waters of its nearby hot springs. In the present day, as five people unearth the hotel's century-old hope chest, each will be transported back to a bygone age--and transformed by the timeless power of true love.

The Perfect Prince Charming

Restoring old paintings for Hope Springs' Historical Society isn't exactly what frustrated artist Cynda Madison wants from her career, but she has no idea just how challenging her job will become when she works on the damaged portrait of devastatingly handsome Prince Dimitri Karakov found in the ruined Chesterfield Hotel. Moved by the tragic loss of a young, vital man, Cynda begins to investigate his death. When she finds the painting's tarnished nameplate in the ruined hotel's hope chest, she is instantly swept back in time to 1887 where she meets the prince
himself--very much alive and disturbingly attractive. Cynda knows she must prevent Dimitri's death to get back to her own life--but can she prevent herself from falling in love?

The Hope Chest Series:
Book 3
Zebra Ballad
August 2001
ISBN 0-8217-6903-0

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For more information, visit http://www.hopechestseries.com

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Review Quotes for Grand Design

"Grand Design is a wonderful addition to the Hope Chest series because it presents more conflict than usual in a romance.  Dimitri is caught in the predestined royal obligations mode being an heir.  He feels his life must totally be centered on his inherited duties and love is not something he expects to experience.  But things have a way of working out.  Four roses out of five."
--Denise Fleischer, GWN Online

"The third book in the Hope Chest series is just as good as the others I have read. There is something for everyone. Historical fans will enjoy the details of the time period, paranormal fans will find it an exceedingly well done time travel. There is even a touch of humor, as characters from a prior novel appear...You will surely enjoy this novel and want to read the rest of the series."
--Amanda Killgore, Romance Readers Connection

"Grand Design is the third of five Chesterfield Hope Chest time travel romances. These authors have worked together to build an enjoyable atmosphere and characters at the Chesterfield Hotel.   There is humor in the story of a modern woman and a Victorian aristocrat learning to accept each other. Ms. Fox has written an enjoyable love story that can stand alone, but also included a dinner with chef Corrie Garrett (see Fire With Fire by Paula Gill) that brought a grin."
--Cy Korte, Book Isle

"This book, a Cinderella in reverse, has a little of everything, time travel, mystery, and wonderful character development. I thoroughly enjoyed Dimitri's metamorphoses from an arrogant, royal snob to a man who could use his hands and heed his heart. Though characters from the other stories appear from time to time, the book stands alone quite well, but I look forward to acquiring the other four stories."
--Leslie Tramposch, ParaNormal Romance

"The third of the five Chesterfield Hope Chest time travel romances Grand Design is a delightful tale. The story line beguiles the audience as a modern independent woman deals with a Victorian aristocrat and vice versa. Karen Fox shows her diverse talent with this charming prince of a tale that will send readers, including this reviewer, seeking her previous novels and the series other books."
--Harriet Klausner, ParaNormal Romance, BookBrowser

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Readers Speak

"Just had to write and tell you. I just finished  Grand Design, I loved it. You write stories that draw you into them. Now if  I can just get my hands on the rest of your books. money is tight so I'm saving so I can get the rest of them all at once.  I look forward to your next book. P.S. Grand Design will be placed along with Prince of Charming and the Buttercup Baby on my shelf with all my other favorite books."
-- Janet J (email)

"I just completed your novel...and I felt compelled to write to you.  What a great read!  I've always been enthralled by time travel.  I thoroughly appreciate the transformation you put Dimitri through!  I read it in one day; I just couldn't bring myself to put it down (a true sign of excellent authorship).  I'll be purchasing more of your work."
--Cheryl (email)

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, Grand Design.   I have been a long time Nora Roberts fan because she has a wonderful way of drawing the reader into the story, of making us feel as the characters might.  You, too, have that wonderful gift.  I look forward to finding the other books in this series as well as reading more of your work."
-- Mary (email)

"I just finished reading Grand Design and couldn't put it down until I finished it. I can't wait to read more of your books. Keep up the good work."
--Joan (email)

"Grand Design is absolutely wonderful."
--Yvonne (email)

"I just finished reading Grand Design and I loved it. Now I will have to find your older books to read."
--Joan (email)

"I just finished Grand Design. I enjoyed this book very much and thought I'd let you know."
--Kay (email)

"I just finished Grand Design and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I can't wait to read more."
--Beverly (email)

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Why Did I Write This Book?

Upon hearing about Zebra's new series line, my critique group The Wyrd Sisters met and threw around ideas for a series of books (written on the paper tablecloth at Macaroni Grill), which eventually mutated into the Hope Chest Series.   Originally set with the Harvey Girls in Las Vegas, NM, we ended up moving it first to the Colorado mountains where we based our hotel on The Broadmoor, then eventually to the Allegheny Mountains of Virginia. We designed our hotel after the magnificent Homestead Hotel located in Warm Springs, Virginia, and set our characters there. The mysterious Miss Sparrow, who befriends and guides our time travelers, finally explains why she's pulling our characters through time in the last book. Though we weren't sure how we'd like writing a series together, it turned out to be a wonderful experience and we had a blast using each other's characters in our books. In fact, we're already talking about another series.

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