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Impractical Magic

Finalist in Affaire de Coeur's Reader/Writer Poll for Best Supernatural Romance

"Another delightful tale of the magical faery realm.  If you enjoyed reading Ms. Fox's previous novels, then you will certainly enjoy Impractical Magic.   Once again, she's written a wonderful book about the faery realm full of laughter and magic."
--Debrah Douglas, courtesy of Old Book Barn Gazette,
ParaNormal Romance Reviews

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Impractical Magic

Karen Fox's faery romances, Buttercup Baby and Cupid's Melody, have been praised as "sweet and charming, with plenty of Fae magic to burn up the pages" (The Romance Journal).   Now the award-nominated author returns to the moonlit realm of Titania's court--and conjures her most magical novel yet...

Brandon Goodfellow may be the greatest illusionist in the world, but he's not magician.  Just ask Rose Thayer, the beautiful faery who possesses the one thing he covets most of all: true magical power.  Years ago, she captivated his senses and captured his heart, then disappeared without a trace.  Now, to Brandon's amazement, she's back--not to rekindle the sparks she ignited, but to expose the truth behind his greatest illusions!  Still, this not-quite-master magician has a few tricks of his own up his sleeve.  But it'll take more than magic to convince Rose to do the one impractical thing she swore she'd never do:  fall in love...with a mortal.

Jove Magical Love
ISBN 0-515-13536-4
May 2003

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Review Quotes for Impractical Magic

"Ms. Fox's Fae stories have a charm all their own which captivates their audience as they are pulled into a bewitching web of sensuality, magic, and pure fun."
-- DK, Rendezvous Magazine.

"Karen Fox weaves yet another spellbinding tale, with her latest Fae series installment, Impractical Magic.  A witty fantasy read.  Karen Fox delivers another enchanting tale of the power of love and the magic that two people can create.  It was a treat to be able to catch up and read about the goings on with characters from Ms. Fox's previous novels.  This is a definite keeper, I had trouble putting it down."
--Ronica, A Romance Review

"Karen Fox has a flair for writing magical romances that manage to cast a spell on her readers and glue them to their seats.  And once again she does just that with her newest Fae book, Impractical Magic, an entertaining and enthralling tale of Faes and Fae magic that easily transports the readers to that they are part of the beauty and magic that is love.  It is an outstanding follow-up to her previous release, Prince of Charming.  Karen Fox has written a fascinating romance that can't help but hold readers' attention until its dramatic and unexpected conclusion.  Fox simply shines with this romance that is all about just plain fun.   Readers can't go wrong with a book by Karen Fox, because this author shimmers with the magical talent of being a truly remarkable storyteller.  After all, she made me believe in the unbelievable.  So whether you're a reader who likes refreshingly difference romances overflowing with magic or not, Impractical Magic is screaming your name."
--Diana Tidlund, Writers Unlimited Reviewer

"I had so much fun reading Impractical Magic.  Ms. Fox takes the faery world, imposes it on our world and then makes the whole thing her own.   I so enjoyed revisiting her universe and being swept away by the story.  Impractical Magic is a delight to read and I highly recommend it.  And yes, I do want to know if Ewan comes back for Sequoia!"
--Karen Larsen, ScribesWorld

"The magic continue!  Highly recommended.  Karen Fox once again lends her extraordinary talent to create a magical romance in Impractical Magic.   With a light touch of humor and sparkle, Fox casts a spell with a story filled with memorable characters and a delightful plot."
--Cindy Penn, WordWeaving

"I've thoroughly enjoyed every one of Karen Fox's faery romances.  They all have been one sitting reads for me.  This book is absolutely enchanting especially as it brings Rose and Brand together.  I have my fingers crossed that we will see a story about Sequoia and Ewan in the very near future.  Thank you, Karen Fox, for hours of reading enjoyment for me!"
--Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

"Karen Fox pleases her fans as she again brings together the realms of the magical world and the human world.  Personally, I believe this to be the author's best story yet.  The children of the book Buttercup Baby get their own tale told.  I cannot express how wonderful this novel is!  If you have not read a book by Karen Fox, pick up a copy of Impractical Magic and find out what you have been missing!"
--Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

"While Impractical Magic concerns itself with the magic of illusion and the magic of the fae, it also succeeds in proving the greatest magic of all is the magic of love...  Other than talking about the effect of magic in their parents' lives, no much is discussed from the previous stories, so if you haven't read them, you won't have a problem keeping up with Impractical Magic.  However, after reading two of the four related stories (the fourth being Cupid's Melody), I definitely plan to read the other two, and can highly recommend reading the enchanting stories about Karen Fox's magical world."
--Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

"A new generation of Faerie Magic!  Impractical Magic puts together the two children of Ms. Fox's beloved couples from Prince of Charming and Buttercup Baby.  This story was so much fun.  Crazy things happen wherever Rose happens to be.  Then there is the added bonus of a secondary romance between Brandon's assistant who also happens to be Rose's favorite cousin, and a faerie sent by Titania to bring Rose to live in the faerie realm.  Sequoia makes Ewan promise to leave Rose alone if she can teach him the meaning of love.  This proves to be an enjoyable challenge, and I hope their story will be continued in a future novel."
--Leslie Tramposch, PNR Reviews

"A delightful paranormal romance. ...this "magical love" tale will charm fans.  Fantasy romance readers will enjoy this novel and look forward to a future story starring Rose's cousin and the male Fae assigned by Titania to bring Rose to the fairy realm."
--Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

"Set aside a few hours and let Karen Fox do what she does so well, draw you so far into her world that you won't want to leave."
--Diane Mason, Romance and Friends

"Impractical Magic was a fun book to read.  I enjoyed the characters and the plot.  ...now I want to read the next one!"
--Melissa Alvarez, About.com

"IMPRACTICAL MAGIC is an enchanting, magical and refreshing read. Karen Fox brings us a story with plenty of humor, irresistible characters and a lot of exciting magic that casts its spell on its reader. I couldnít put this book down and I was touched on many levels.  I laughed, even cried a little and found it delightful and better than I could have ever imagined. The relationship that Rose has with her cousin Sequoia, as well as the friendship between Brand and Sequoia were fantastic and very real. Ms. Fox masterfully writes a splendid, beautifully flowing tale with amazing characters and a magical romance that will have readers breathless and anxious for another magical tale about this intriguing and unforgettable family. Rose and Brandís intense passion is sizzling hot, full of obstacles with some wonderful surprises along the way, but there is no fighting their destiny. The romance between Rose and Brand is magical, as is that of the secondary romance between Ewan and Sequoia, but it is the magic of Ms. Fox writing that will have readers enthralled, spellbound and have them smiling even after the last page. Karen Fox's talent is magic at its greatest."
--Tracey West, Road to Romance

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Readers Speak

"i am 29 years old...i have never read a book before... i must say... i enjoyed your book this is the very first book i actually read i understood the book and understood the whole thing... all thru my years i have never understood a paragraph... i loved this book impractical magic....i hope you will come up with a new book that goes on from this story...soon  i was proud of the that fact i read the whole book in less than a week... it was very good very romantic and totally about things i love and believe in...faery people..."
--Samantha (email)

"I LOVE your books, it only took me a day each for Buttercup BabyImpractical Magic, Cupid's Melody and Prince of Charming.  I enjoy how they are all linked in some way and I was just wondering when you will be writing the next fae novel."
--Nicole (email)

"After visiting your site, I purchased the series of books on the fae -- I passed them along to my friend in Colorado for her enjoyment. They were really well done."
--Cheryl, New Orleans, LA

"I found Buttercup Baby, Cupids Melody and Impractical Magic and bought all 3.  After 12 -14 hour workdays, it is a delight to come home - put my feet up and get lost in your magic. I have found since reading your books, my stress level is reduced.  Keep writing - I will keep buying your books.  Aloha"
--Joanne (email)

"Just wanted to tell you that I received your autographed copy of  Impractical Magic and have just finished reading it. It was absolutely awesome. I loved every single bit of it and I can't wait to get my hands on your other books."
--Rania (email)

"You have probably heard this all before, but i will say it anyway: you are a truly magnificent writer and have a real magic with words.   Your books are an amazing read and i have even written some reviews on amazon.com. A year or so ago I read Prince of Charming, and today I read 2 more of you books, Buttercup Baby and Impractical Magic and they were both sensational!!  I only wish i could read more but our library doesn't seem to have all that many more of your books.  I wanted to say thank you for giving me a few hours away from my world and bringing me into yours. without my books i would go nuts!"
--Miranda (email)

"I just finished this book.  I loved it! Brand and Rose are just so right for each other.  I love your fairy books.  I am so glad you are keeping them going.  I see on the back sheet in the book you wanted to know if your readers wanted Ewan and Sequoia's story, you bet I do.  By the way I am glad you had Brand perform in St. Louis at the Fox, it is a wonderful place to see shows and concerts.  It took me by surprise though not many books mention St. Louis and if  they do its only in passing."
--Sandy (email)

"I just wanted to write you to say how much I enjoy reading your books. I have read all four of the Fae books and love each and every one. I hope that you continue the series with Sequoia and Ewan and more after that! Hey, a girl can dream can't she?  I have read tons of romance novels and when I came across yours in a local bookstore, I was hooked. I have enjoyed reading romance novels that involve Faeries, witches, magic and the lot. Thank you so much for writing such beautiful and magical stories!"
--Christina (email)

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Why Did I Write This Book?

Readers asked for this story and I was happy to oblige.  After Rose's birth in Buttercup Baby, I knew she deserved a story of her own, but I couldn't decide who was right for her.  Brand Goodfellow lost no time in informing me he was the only one right for Rose and I had to agree.  Who better than the sexy son of a sexy man?

Only Brand was born without magic while Rose inherited all her mother's powers.  Boy, talk about conflict!

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