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Somewhere My Love

1998 RITA Finalist - Paranormal Category

"This is sensual, science fiction romance at its best!"
Romance Forever

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Somewhere My Love

As an officer of the Alliance, Sha'Nara had been trained to destroy the psychics who sought galactic domination. But on a mission to protect the Director-General's daughter, the beautiful bodyguard was abducted by one: Tristan-the most dazzlingly sensual man she'd ever encountered. Far from the monster she'd been prepared for, her enemy was a man whose dreams and desires she admired.

And in the duel they waged, she felt him parry every thrust, and found herself pierced to the soul by the riposte of his kiss. Soon the fiery beauty knew that as surely as her body was Tristan's hostage, so was her heart, and she questioned all she'd ever known-for if the Alliance was right and Tristan's people were evil, there would never be a time or a place for their passion. But in his ardent embrace, Sha'Nara found herself hoping, praying, telling herself that they could be together, somehow-Somewhere, My Love

Love Spell
July 1997
ISBN 0-505-52210-1

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Review Quotes for Somewhere My Love

"...as well done as the first. Ms. Fox is a talented up-and-coming author. This is a must-read page turner."
-- Books 'N Tees

"Fans of futuristic romance will enjoy another adventure through time and space with one of Leisure's rising stars. ...Ms. Fox keeps things moving at a cracking pace for our reading pleasure."
-- Romantic Times

"...interesting, fast-paced... ...charming, star-crossed lovers... ...fans of the sub-genre will enjoy this novel... Personally this reviewer believes that Ms. Fox could very well become the next Anne McCaffrey."
-- Harriet Klausner, Painted Rock Reviews

"Somewhere My Love is a wild, hot rocket-ride of a romance."
-- Anne Avery, author of Summer Fancy

"Futuristics don't come much better than Somewhere My Love. I didn't want it to end."
-- Janice Tarantino, author of The Crystal City

"...a great book. I couldn't put it down. You got my attention on the first page and I was hooked."
-- Betty Ivy, Book Exchange

"Splendid! 4 1/2 BELLS!!"
-- Bell, Book and Candle

"A story of discovery and the search for trust, with a moving insight into the depth of humanity, Somewhere My Love proves the value of love in a turbulent world. Karen Fox is a new, uniquely engaging voice in romance, provoking thought and emotion from the reader."
-- GEnie Romance and Women's Fiction Exchange

". ..well-written..."
-- The Old Book Barn

Readers Speak

"I would like to know if you will be writing more books along the lines of "Sword of MacLeod" and "Somewhere My Love"? I have these books in my collection and have re-read them several times.  I love the way they are written and the storyline and hope to see more or this type of book.
-- Donna M. (email)

"I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know I really enjoyed the 1997 futuristic books you'd written so many years ago   "Sword of MacLeod" and "Somewhere My Love" were both really good books that I have re-visited just because I enjoyed them so much the first time. I have not read your fae series as that is a genre I am not really prone to find.  But, the futuristics are another matter.   Any chance of more futuristics being in your / my future ?? Thank you for many hours of reading enjoyment ! "
--Rose (email)

"I just want to let you know that Somewhere My Love is and always will be my all time favorite book. I can't explain how much I love it. Hopefully, someday, I will have a chance to read something about romance in a galaxy far far away again."
--Sydney (email)

Grand Design and Sword of MacLeod were great, but my favorite was Somewhere My Love. I had never been that inclined to read futuristic novels before, but you really brought the characters to life. The characters of Tristan and Cadell were truly memorable--not that Beckett and Dimitri weren't also.  I like the way all your heroine's are strong-willed and are able to care for themselves. All the men seemed so different, but I can see similarities there also. I like that! I love your story-lines, and the way your characters interact with each other. I'm only sad there aren't anymore. Now I own all seven of your books. I was also able to get a signed copy of Cupid's Melody from that website you told me about--thank you!"
--Susan (email)

"I loved Somewhere My Love.   It is one of the best books I have read in a long time.  This book kept me rivted to my chair till the last page where I reluctantly had to close it with a sigh...the only bad thing about it was that it went so quick...I just couldn't seem to put it down it was just so good.  Thank you so much for the wonderful story.  I enjoyed it more than I can say."
--Jenny (email)

"I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your books!   Especially the two futuristic ones that you wrote.  I am curious, though, do you plan on writing any more?  I would love to know what happened to Raven and her family.  And you briefly mentioned at the end of your second book that you were thinking of writing a story for Devon?  What happened to the Scanners on Lander?   I would be interested in knowing how Lander got settled and why the people on the planet have such similar abilities to those of the Scanners.  Anyway, just re-read Somewhere My Love and was curious and wanted to let you know that I will keep reading your books!"
--G.M. (email)

"...I just finished your book Somewhere My Love and couldn't put it down!  I hope when it first came out you got an award for it, as it surely deserves one! ...the book was so captivating, I found myself up til 2.a.m. reading!"
--Angel (email)

"I read Somewhere My Love and am trying to get my hands on Sword of MacLeod.  I , like most of your readers, am waiting for the next book (about Devon Zdenek).  The worlds you've created are so interesting that another book would be fabulous.  Devon sure seems like an interesting (and yes, sexy) character.  Can't wait to see where you lead him."
--Laura (email)

"I just finished reading Somewhere My Love about an hour and a half ago and it is not yet 4:12 a.m.  I could not put it down.   You have got my interest in the world you created.  Write about Dev...PLEASE."
--Shanie (email)

"Just a note to tell you I just finished reading your novel Somewhere My Love and enjoyed every minute of it.  If you intend to continue writing such compelling stories, please make the second half of the book a bit shorter than the first half--by the time I got to the second half, I couldn't put it down."
--Mike (email)


Why Did I Write This Book?

This story began as a play on a Romeo and Juliet theme. The hero had  brief walk-on role in Sword of MacLeod and had threatened to take over when I wrote that book.  I promised him his own story and cut out a lot at that time.  Now it was time for Tristan to find romance.  I knew he was an outcast with special powers.  Who could possibly be a match for someone like that?

I had no problem creating Sha'Nara--a feisty, controlled woman who's never been able to please her father and decides the only way she can is by doing her job better than anyone else. Which is, of course, destroying the race to which Tristan belongs.

I had fun creating the Scanner race and especially Tristan, who turned out to be so much sexier than even I expected. Sha'Nara never had a chance.

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