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Sword of MacLeod

"This futuristic would appeal to everyone...but for fans of futuristic, they will feel like they are in heaven. Did I like it? I LOVED IT! 5 Bells!"
-- Donita Lawrence, owner of
Bell, Book and Candle

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Sword of MacLeodReissued March 2017
Parker Hayden Media
ebook: B06XPN41TQ
ISBN:  9781941528433

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A renowned tracker throughout the galaxy, Raven reluctantly agrees to help Beckett MacLeod find his runaway nine-year-old daughter, even though he’s from a backward planet that denies the advances of technology. The task turns out to be much more trouble than she expected. In addition to almost destroying her spaceship, fighting privateers, and being forced to seek the one man she never wanted to encounter again, Raven finds herself drawn to Beckett and his primitive mindset. If she isn’t careful, they’ll all end up dead.

Sword of MacLeodWhen Beckett MacLeod's young daughter sneaks away from home to search for the legendary Sword of MacLeod, Beckett is forced to leave his home world for the first time to search for his missing child. Plunged into a universe whose modern technology is foreign to him, he hires a tracker to locate his run-away daughter.

Raven accepts the assignment because she knows no mere child could elude her expert abilities for long. Wrong. As they follow the child's trail, Raven and Beckett stumble into a maelstrom of trouble: laser battles, hostile alien worlds and of course, deadly space pirates. And worst of all?

In the midst of all the danger, Raven finds herself falling in love with Beckett. How can she consider loving a man who comes from such a technologically backwards world? They have nothing in common. They can't even agree on basic concepts. Yet when he kisses her, all she can think about what it would feel like to stay in his arms forever. Love and duty clash like flint and steel, creating sparks that ignite the soul. All this for the sake of a magical sword that fuels one young girl's dreams...

Love Spell
January 1997
ISBN 0-505-52160-1

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Review Quotes for Sword of MacLeod

"Love Spell introduces a great new talent to light up the heavens of futuristic romance. Mrs. Fox brings a powerful intensity to her vibrant characters and intriguing setting. ...the lucky reader is taken on a rip-roaring adventure in which love is the greatest danger of all."
-- Romantic Times

"Sword of MacLeod is a fantastic reading experience you won't want to miss. You'll be mesmerized by the story -- this is space fantasy at its best."
-- Rendezvous

"Sword of MacLeod is a strong entry in futuristic romances with a believable space faring culture and space opera feel. Karen Fox leads us on a journey through worlds where fantasy and danger go side by side, then satisfies us with a love story transcending all boundaries."
-- GEnie Romex

"Traveling through the stars never created this much tension! Karen Fox burns up the thrusters with Beckett and Raven!"
-- The Literary Times

"New futuristic author Karen Fox gives readers a solid read that's paced at the speed of light. You'll be hard pressed not to turn the page once you start."
-- The Time Machine

"Sword of MacLeod is a unique futuristic tale loaded with excitement and romance in the spirit of Star Wars."
-- The Paperback Forum

"The Sword of MacLeod is a unique, very refreshing blending of the historical highlander romance with a futuristic romance. The fast-paced, seat of your pants storyline and the characters turn Karen Fox's plowing of new ground into a fabulous story. A new futuristic talent has arrived and she is great!****+ "
-- Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur

"Hold on to your seat as Karen Fox takes you on a roller coaster ride across the galaxy in a fast-paced story full of nonstop action, intriguing alien landscapes, and a stormy romance that unfolds across the glittering stars. Sword of MacLeod is a grand interstellar adventure you won't want to miss!"
-- Pam McCutcheon, author of QuickSilver

"Sword of MacLeod will entertain fans of both the futuristic and the historical romance genre with vivid descriptions of interesting worlds, strong characters, the excitement of the chase and the pleasure of a happy ending. Karen Fox delivers a first rate romance with Sword of MacLeod."
-- A Little Romance

"Sword of MacLeod has it all--an old fashioned hero, a strong capable woman, and the mutual quest to find a child...And then there's the real magic of love!"
-- Romance Forever

"...a good futuristic romance and keeps your interest through the entire book. The love story is touching and well-written. Ms. Fox's debut novel shows she has a bright future as an author and I look forward to other books by her."
-- Old Book Barn Gazette

Readers Speak

"I would like to know if you will be writing more books along the lines of "Sword of MacLeod" and "Somewhere My Love"? I have these books in my collection and have re-read them several times.  I love the way they are written and the storyline and hope to see more or this type of book.
-- Donna M. (email)

"I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know I really enjoyed the 1997 futuristic books you'd written so many years ago   "Sword of MacLeod" and "Somewhere My Love" were both really good books that I have re-visited just because I enjoyed them so much the first time. I have not read your fae series as that is a genre I am not really prone to find.  But, the futuristics are another matter.   Any chance of more futuristics being in your / my future ?? Thank you for many hours of reading enjoyment ! "
--Rose (email)

"I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your books!   Especially the two futuristic ones that you wrote.  I am curious, though, do you plan on writing any more?  I would love to know what happened to Raven and her family.  And you briefly mentioned at the end of your second book that you were thinking of writing a story for Devon?  What happened to the Scanners on Lander?   I would be interested in knowing how Lander got settled and why the people on the planet have such similar abilities to those of the Scanners.  Anyway, just re-read Somewhere My Love and was curious and wanted to let you know that I will keep reading your books!"
--G.M. (email)


Why Did I Write This Book?

Beckett MacLeod was first created during a writing exercise at a weekend creativity session. We were given the name 'Baku' and told to write while listening to an African melody. Everyone wrote about a man dancing in the jungle, but that's not what I saw. Instead, I pictured the bar from Star Wars with a man looking for someone. He's out of place but determined and a definite hero.

From that one page beginning, Beckett MacLeod came to life. Needing a reason for him to be looking for someone, I had his daughter disappear and thus the search for the Sword of MacLeod was on. And, of course, I had to have the person Beckett was looking for. Who else but Raven, a female Han Solo, would do? A modern woman and an old-fashioned man.

I like to call Sword of MacLeod, "the Highlander meets Star Wars." It has adventure, romance, action, space battles and wonderful characters that I hated to leave.

The hero came by his name of Beckett in tribute to Sam Beckett, the character played by Scott Bakkula in Quantum Leap, who was the inspiration for Beckett.

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