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A Touch of Charm

"Karen Fox has written a tale that shows women as being strong and having a voice.  She was also able to nicely fit together the belief that two people working together can make a difference in the world around them--even if it is one step at a time.  ...delightful"
-- Patti Fleishman, Romance Junkies

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A Touch of CharmReissued June 2014
Parker Hayden Media
ebook: B00L2GRBMG
ISBN:  2940151635318

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Beauty, Charm, and Graceósomething the nouveau-riche Sullivan sisters of Colorado Springs lack. But a wish at a magical rock formation is about to change all that, in a most a-MUSE-ing way. . . .

The three Sullivan sisters, named for the Three Graces of Greek legend who embody beauty, charm and grace, donít live up to their names. Belle is no beauty. Charisma lacks charm. And Grace is somewhat less than graceful. But this doesn't deter their ambitious mother from bribing three bachelors to escort them to Colorado Springsí beautiful Garden of the Gods.

When the girls overhear their escorts mocking how little they resemble their names, each girl makes a wish at the magical Three Graces rock formation. Charisma wishes aloud for charm, but secretly hopes to make a difference in the world.

When William Barclay, a candidate running for the Colorado congress, asks Charisma to be his platonic escort to functions in the city, Charisma is ecstatic. A suffragette-in-training, she can make Will see that rights for women are important. But her plain speaking almost ruins her opportunity before it even starts.

Fortunately, a newly-arrived Greek widow in town agrees to tutor Charisma in the art of charm. And it works . . . most of the time. Even as Charisma finds herself falling for Will, she canít stop herself from trying to help those in need, threatening her reputation in the process. Will she end up pushing Will away or will he realize that what he needs is an impulsive, plain-speaking, do-gooder?

Also available in a boxed set.  Get the entire series.

The Three Graces SeriesThe Three Graces Series
March 2015
ebook:  B00UY472VW
ISBN:  2940151635394

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A Touch of CharmNamed for the Three Graces of Greek legend, the Sullivan sisters of Colorado Springs--Belle, Charisma, and Grace--fear they will never live up to their names and find true love.  But a heartfelt wish made in the Garden of the Gods summons help from three elegant strangers whose resemblance to the original Graces must surely be coincidence.  Mustn't it?


Most folks in Colorado Springs find Charisma Sullivan's outspokenness the opposite of charming.  But senatorial candidate Will Barclay is intrigued by her intelligent views.  Realizing that a lovely sweetheart would be a campaign asset, Will asks Charisma to pose as his escort until the election.  But, despite the gentle guidance of Thalia, a senator's widow, Charisma's candor lands her in hot water..even as her deepening feelings for Will draw them both into an intimate entanglement.   Passion and politics make a dangerous combination and soon Will must choose between playing it safe...and playing for keeps!

Zebra Historical
September 2003
ISBN 0-8217-7455-7

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Review Quotes for A Touch of Charm

"Filled with characters to warm your heart, and topped off with dollops of whimsy, this is a lovely, sweet read meant for a quiet day spent with only a glass of ice tea for company."
-- Booklist

"...nothing interferes with the natural course of this mostly traditional, delightful romance.  4 stars!"
-- Gerry Benninger, Romantic Times

"A very interesting premise and well-developed characters.  Five stars."

"An excellent historical story with a touch of paranormal"
--Janet Miller, ParaNormalRomance Reviews

"A TOUCH OF CHARM is a delightful contribution to The Three Graces trilogy. Ms. Fox blends humor, political intrigue and family scandal into a quick and thoroughly entertaining read. Will is a hero with secrets and thirst for vengeance, which I found surprising when compared to my initial impression of him as a straight-laced politico. I liked this dimension to his character a great deal. I was also impressed with several of the supporting characters and their contribution to the story, most notably with Mrs. Barclay, Will's mother. Also, while the ending is a happy one, it wasn't what I expected and so another pleasant surprise. Though part of a trilogy, A TOUCH OF CHARM could be enjoyed as a stand-alone and it is with that I make my recommendation. "
--Melissa Fowler, Romance Reader Connection

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Readers Speak

"As I was looking at books the other day, A Touch of Charm caught my eye because of the name of the author...my name. Although that was the initial reason I got the book, the enjoyment I received while reading it is the reason that I will continue to read the rest of the ones you have written. Thank you for the pleasure."
-- Karen Fox (email)

"I pre-ordered this from Barnes and Noble- got it a few days ago...I cannot wait to read it.   Let me just say, if it has your name on it, it is on my shelf. "
--Kelley (email)

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Why Did I Write This Book?

My critique partners and I had such fun writing the Hope Chest series that three of us put together another series for Zebra Ballad.  We set the book in 1882 Colorado Springs, a time when the city was known as "Newport of the Rockies" and "Little London," a time when policemen were called bobbies and natives carried umbrellas when it rained in London.

We conceived of three sisters--Belle, Charisma and Grace, named after the three graces.  However, none of them embodies the grace for which they were named.  Belle isn't beautiful, Charisma is appallingly blunt and Grace is a first-rate klutz.  But their fervent wishes made before the Three Grace rock formation in the Garden of the Gods change everything.  Suddenly, each sister discovers not only her spoken wish, but her unspoken desire as well.

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