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Literary Agents Indicating Interest in Representing Romance

Last Updated on September 08, 2014

NOTE:  A listing on this site should not be considered a recommendation of an agency.  Be sure to check with other authors, RWA, Beware by SFWA, Bewares, Recommendations and Background Check, Preditors and Editors before signing with any agent.

Check out the Writers Beware Thumbs Down Agency List.

*Indicates agent is a member of the Association of Author Representatives which means he/she will not charge reading fees in accordance with AAR rules

#Indicates agent/agency is RWA eligible.

About Words Agency

885 Woodstock Rd
Suite 430-323
Roswell, GA 30075

Susan L. Graham

About Words Agency, LLC is actively looking for authors to represent.  About Words Agency is looking for commercial fiction and nonfiction.  They are NOT interested in poetry, religious/Christian, political, or true-crime.

About Words Agency is a non-fee-charging agency, which means there are never any reading fees or any other fees. Submissions are made selectively, and are paid for by the agency.   Use query@aboutwords.org for email queries, and please do not send attachments.  Most email queries will receive an automated reply asking the author to submit via regular mail per the guidelines.


Not recommended by P&E

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Abrams Artists Agency#

275 7th Ave
26th Floor
NY, NY 10001

Maura Teitelbaum*

Looking for very polished, well written, women’s fiction or thrillers. Authors who have some writing background, either in journalism, a well read blog, etc.  Send Maura an email query.

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9601 Wilshire Blvd Box 1202
Beverly Hills, 90210
(323) 932-0407
fax (323) 932-0321
Email: kja@aeionline.com 

Jennifer Pope

AEI has always welcomed unsolicited queries. Queries should be sent via email or snail mail to:
Jennifer Pope
Submissions Coordinator

Email and snail mail queries for novels, nonfiction book proposals, screenplays, and treatments should consist of a compelling and businesslike letter giving them a brief overview of your story, the audience for which it is intended--and a one-sentence pitch. Be sure to include your return address, and a telephone number with your letter and SASE.


Not recommended according to Preditors and Editors

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The Ahearn Agency#

2021 Pine Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 861-8395
Fax (504) 866-6434
Email: Pahearn@aol.com

Pamela G. Ahearn

Currently looking for Thrillers of all kinds, and mysteries as well.  Not looking for Science fiction, straight fantasy or non-fiction.

Send a one-page query letter describing the type of book and word count with an SASE.  List previous publications, awards, etc.  Accepts short electronic queries with no attachments.

She's looking for single titles only, historicals, suspense & some contemporary women's fiction.


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ALD Literary Agency

P.O. Box 270366
San Diego, CA 92198-2366

Email: aldliterary@yahoo.com

Leo Dubizhansky

A full-service literary agency representing authors writing both fiction and nonfiction.  They only work with traditional publishers--no self-publishers or print-on-demand publishers.  Accepts queries and manuscripts from published and unpublished authors.  Does not charge reading fees.

Accepts general fiction and Philosophical novel, Science fiction, Fantasy, and Mysteries, Thrillers (including Psychological thrillers) and Suspense, Political fiction and Historical fiction, Crime fiction, Romance, Children's literature, Adventure novel, Comic Novel.  Accepts queries via email or snail mail.  See website for submission guidelines.


Not Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Alive Communications Inc.

7680 Goddard Street, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Email:  submissions@alivecom.com

Andrea Heinecke
S. Rickly Christian*

Alive Communications works primarily with well-established, best-selling, and career authors. While their clients write in a variety of genres, each writes from a Christian perspective.  On rare occasions, they accept new clients at the start of their careers, generally from referrals of current clients. 

Seeking most fiction, but handles primarily Christian.

Send your query via email to: submissions@alivecom.com


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Linda Allen Literary Agency

1949 Green Street, Suite 5
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 921-6437
(415) 921-3733
Email: linda@lallenlitagency.com

Linda Allen*
Amy Kossow

Taking very few clients, by referral only.

Handles commercial fiction, literary, women's fiction, romance, historical, mystery/suspense, thriller, young adult.

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AMB Literary Management

104 Fulton Ave
Toronto, ON
Canada M4K 1X8
(416) 324-8845
Fax (416) 324-8870
Email: ambliterarymanagement@rogers.com

Amy Moore-Benson
Twitter @amblit

Looking for literary fiction, romance, women’s fiction, suspense/thrillers.

Send a one-page query letter detailing the book and the author’s background. If emailing the query, please no attachments. Also please let her know if it’s a multiple submission.

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Marcia Amsterdam Agency

41 West 82nd Street, Suite 9A
New York NY 10024--5613 
(212) 873 4945 

Marcia Amsterdam 

Specializes in mainstream fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, humor, young adult, TV and film scripts. No poetry, books for the 8-10 age group or how-to. No unsolicited mss. Query with letter, synopsis, three chapters and an SASE.  No unsolicited manuscripts.

Recommended by Preditors and Editors

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The Axelrod Agency#

55 Main Street
P.O. Box 357
Chatham, NY 12037
(518) 392-2100
fax (518) 392-2944
Email: steve@axelrodagency.com

Steven Axelrod*

Send a query letter via letter or email.  Expect response in 2-3 months.

Currently looking for new or established authors in all genres.

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Baror International

P.O. Box 868
Armonk, NY 10504-0868

Heather Baror

They represent commercial fiction, literary titles, science fiction, fantasy, young adult and more.

Submit your work for consideration by post or email to heather@barorint.com.

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Loretta Barrett Books, Inc.

220 East 23rd Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10003
(212) 242 3420
Fax (212) 807 9579
Email: lbarbooks@aol.com

Loretta Barrett*, President
Nick Mullendore, Vice President and Director of Foreign Rights
Gabriel Davis, Junior Agent

To query via email send submissions to Query@lorettabarrettbooks.com.  No attachments accepted.  Snail mail queries accepted.  No fax queries.

Represents commercial thrillers, mysteries, romantic suspense mainstream women’s and men’s fiction and more literary works.


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The Belfrey Literary Agency#

P.O. Box 12754
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295
Email: mls@thebelfreyliteraryagency.com

Mary Louise Schwartz

Looking for established authors or strong new voices in both category and single title. No historical or horror. Interested in books that are visual and would translate to film. Romantic comedies are especially wanted.

Please Note:
This agency is not accepting new submissions.  Please check the submissions section of the agency's website for up-to-date information.  http://www.thebelfreyliteraryagency.com/submissions.html


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Benrey Literary Agency

P.O Box 12721
New Bern, NC 28561

Janet Benrey

Benrey Literary Agency represents commercial fiction for adults, including most genres except science fiction, fantasy, and erotica. They’re especially interested in romance, historical, suspense, mystery, and women’s fiction. They don’t represent children’s fiction and we rarely represent young adult books. They don’t market short stories, screenplays, scripts, or poetry.

They can not respond to unsolicited queries and proposals. They do accept submissions from authors recommended by current agency clients, and from authors they meet at writers conferences.

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The Bent Agency

159 20th Street, #1B
Brooklyn, NY 11232

The Bent Agency / London
21 Melliss Avenue
Kew, Richmond TW9 4BQ

Jenny Bent* (blog)
Gemma Cooper
Louise Fury
Molly Ker Hawn*
Victoria Lowes*

Beth Phelan*

Jenny Bent represents literary and commercial adult, young adult, and middle grade fiction. She also represents nonfiction in the areas of memoir, humor and select narrative nonfiction. In adult fiction, she particularly enjoy women's fiction and crime/suspense. She also loves novels—for grown-ups or children—that have an element of magic or fantasy to them or that take her into a strange and new world, whether real or imaginary.

Gemma Cooper represents authors who write for children, from picture books to young adult, fiction and non-fiction.

Molly is looking for young adult, middle grade, and new adult fiction that's inventive, well-crafted, and rich with emotion, whether contemporary, historical, fantasy, sf, thriller, romance, or mystery.

Beth Phelan represents fiction for young adults and middle-grade readers, select commercial and literary adult fiction.

Louise is currently looking for Thrillers, Suspense, Horror (especially literary and YA), Commercial Fiction, Speculative Fiction, all forms of Romance, Young adult, Graphic Novels and Non-Fiction with a hook.

Victoria is looking for romance of all stripes (with the exception of paranormal & inspirational), character-driven suspense, mystery, psychological thrillers, commercial women’s fiction and young adult.

Email your chosen agent and tell her briefly who you are, about your book, and why you're the one to write it. Include the title of your project in the subject line of your email. Then paste the first ten pages of your book in the body of your email (not as an attachment, please). If you're submitting a picture book, please include the complete text; for illustrations, please also include a link to your website if available, or two or three PDFs or JPEGs of your work.

Send queries to the specific agent above.

Do not simultaneously query agents. 


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Meredith Bernstein Agency#

2095 Broadway, Suite 505
New York, NY 10023
(212) 799-1007
fax (212) 799-1145

Meredith Bernstein*

Send a query letter only with an SASE.  Expect response in 2-3 weeks.

Open to all genres.

Recommended by P&E

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Bleeker Street Associates

532 LaGuardia Place #617
New York, NY 10012
(212) 677-4492
Fax: (212) 388-0001

Agnes Birnbaum*

Seeking Detective/Police/Crime, Erotica, Ethnic, Family Saga, Gay/Lesbian, Historical, Literary, Mystery/Suspense, Psychic/Supernatural, Romance, Thriller.  Query with SASE.

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Blue Ridge Literary Agency

133 Marvin Place
Lynchburg, VA 24503

Dawn Dowdle

They represent mystery, cozy mystery, thriller, urban fantasy, romance (no erotica), sci-fi, women's, general, historical, Christian, young adult, middle grades, and young readers.  They do not accept poetry, scripts, short stories, children's picture books, or screenplays at this time.

Please send an e-mail to query@blueridgeagency.com  to send your Synopsis and 1st 3 chapters (double-spaced)  as Word attachments.  No manuscripts via email.


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Book Cents Literary Agency#

2011 Quarrier Street
Charleston, WV 25311
Email: cw@bookcentsliteraryagency.com

Christine Witthohn*

Temporarily closed to queries.

Send e-queries only to above address.

Looking for Romance - Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense, RomComs, Multicultural, YA, Middle Grade, Mystery/Suspense, Women's Fiction, Commercial Fiction, Outstanding Literary Fiction


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BookEnds L.L.C.#

136 Long Hill Road
Gillette, NJ 07933
(908) 604-2652
Email: editor@bookends-inc.com

Jessica Faust*
Kim Lionetti
Jessica Alvarez
Lauren Ruth

To query BookEnds, please send the query in the body of the e-mail to only one agent.  Jessica F. is seeking submissions in the areas of historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and erotic romance; fantasy, steampunk, women's fiction, and mysteries; and YA, especially steampunk, dystopian, and fantasy YA.  Kim primarily represents authors in the areas of young adult fiction, women's fiction, mystery, true crime, pop science, pop culture, and romance.  Jessica A. is currently looking for women's fiction, erotica, urban fantasy/paranormal, romantic suspense, and single title and category romance submissions.  Lauren is looking for literary fiction, romance, women's fiction, chick lit, young adult, middle grade, mystery, historical fiction, and steampunk.

BookEnds accepts queries from published and unpublished writers in the areas of romance (and all its sub-genres), young adult, steampunk, urban fantasy, mystery, and women's fiction. In nonfiction they are looking for current affairs, reference, business, health, women's issues, pop science, psychology, sex, parenting, pop culture, true crime, and general nonfiction.


Visit their blog

Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Books and Such Literary Agency#

52 Mission Circle, Suite 122
PMB 170
Santa Rosa, CA 95409-5370

Janet Kobobel Grant*
Wendy Lawton
Rachel Kent

Seeking inspirational romance, standalone romance, historical. No graphic violence or sex nor paranormal.  Books & Such accepts e-mail queries (no attachments, please). They do not accept unsolicited phone or postal mail queries.

In your e-mail query, tell them briefly the genre you’re writing in, what your manuscript is about (just a paragraph or two, please), what makes it unique, why you feel confident your manuscript will find an audience, who that audience is, how you can help to market your manuscript, and what your writing experience is. It’s also helpful to know why you chose to contact Books & Such (if someone recommended you contact them, do mention that person’s name) and if you’re contacting other agents.  No attachments.


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Bradford Literary Agency#

5694 Mission Center Road #347
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 521-1201

Laura Bradford*

6/09:  Listed as #3 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly

They specialize in all types of romance (including category), romantica/erotica, women's fiction, mystery, thrillers and young adult. They also represent non-fiction and other fiction genres. All queries sent to them will be considered with the exception of poetry, screenplays and short stories.

Via email send a query letter only with no attachments.  Via mail send query/cover letter, first three chapters, synopsis and SASE.


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Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc.#

1501 Broadway, Suite 2310
New York, NY 10036
(212) 840-5760
Fax: (212) 840-5776

Charles Schlessiger*

Send query letter only with SASE.  No fax or email queries.   Expect response in 7-10 days.

Currently looking for new or established authors with compelling stories and strong characters.

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Brown Literary Agency#

410 7th Street Northwest
Naples, FL 34120
(239) 455-7190
E-mail: broagent@aol.com

Roberta M. Brown*

6/09:  Listed as #1 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly

At this time, due to an immense influx of submissions, they are closed to reviews until further notice. Published New York authors looking for a change in representation may still query.

This Agency represents Women’s Fiction, Single Title Romance (paranormal, romantic suspense, contemporary, historical, inspirational), as well as Category Romance. They have eclectic tastes and are looking for unique voices, strong characterization, and page-turning plots.

They also represent young adult novels, mystery cozies, and the occasional thriller.

They welcome submissions by multipublished authors as well as aspiring writers.


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Browne & Miller Literary Associates#

410 South Michigan Ave, Suite 460
Chicago, IL 60605

Danielle Egan-Miller*, President
Joanna MacKenzie, Associate Agent

Email:  mail@browneandmiller.com

Represents authors writing in most genres of commercial adult fiction and non-fiction, as well as select young adult projects.

Query via query letter and SASE directed to:

Attn: Submissions

or a query letter by email to: mail@browneandmiller.com


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Curtis Brown Ltd*

10 Astor Place
New York, NY 10003
fax 212-598-0917

Laura Blake Peterson* 
Maureen A. Walters*
Ginger Clark*

Curtis Brown represents adult and children’s authors of all genres, including illustrators. If you would like to submit a manuscript or proposal, please send us a query letter, a synopsis of the work, a sample chapter and a brief resume to Attn:  Query Department. Illustrators should send 1-2 samples of published work, along with 6-8 color copies (no original art).

Laura represents memoir and biography, natural history, literary fiction, mystery, suspense, women’s fiction, health and fitness, children’s and young adult, faith issues and popular culture.

Maureen handles women’s fiction and nonfiction projects.

Ginger is interested in science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, literary horror, and young adult and middle grade fiction.  Please send just a query letter and your contact information to gc@cbltd.com. She responds only if she’s interested in seeing material.


Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Pema Browne Ltd.#

11 Tena Place,
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
Email: ppbltd@optonline.net

Pema Browne

Send query letter, author bio and SASE.  Looking for all types of romance.  They do not accept phone, fax or email queries with attachments.  They do not accept material already sent to publishers.  Only send manuscript to one agent at a time.


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Cambridge Literary Associates

135 Beach Road, Unit C3
Salisbury, MA 01952
(978) 499-0374
Fax: (978) 499-9774
Email: mikev@cambridgeliterary.com

Ralph Valentino*
Mike Valentino

Please query by postal mail before sending in a manuscript. Your query should include a synopsis and an appropriate SASE. They are only accepting submissions from well-published authors.


Not recommended by Preditors and Editors.

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Maria Carvainis Agency Inc. #

Rockefeller Center
1270 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2320
New York, NY 10020
(212) 245-6365
Fax: (212) 245-7196
Email: mca@mariacarvainisagency.com

Maria Carvainis*
Moira Sullivan, Literary Associate
Chelsea Gilmore

Send a query letter of no more than two pages and SASE.

Seeking mainstream women's fiction, thrillers, psychological suspense, historical romance, category romance

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Jane Chelius Literary Agency#

548 Second Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 498-0236
Fax: (718) 832-7335
Email:  queries@janechelius.com

Jane Chelius*

Sent a query letter, synopsis, and SASE.  For snail mail, put Attn:  Submissions.  In emails, put Attn:  Jane Chelius.  Expect response in 3-4 weeks.

Currently looking for new or established authors who write interesting, realistic characters in fully realized settings.  Humor okay. 


Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Linda Chester Literary Agency #

630 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2036
New York, NY 10010

Email:  submissions@lindachester.com

Linda Chester*

Please note that they have a full client list and are only considering a few new clients a year. If you are interested in representation, please send a personalized query letter including a short biography citing your prior publishing credits, your media experience, and an overview or the first 5 pages of your manuscript in the body of the email to . Query emails sent to personal agency addresses will not be reviewed. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of queries they receive, they can no longer respond to each one. They will contact you within four weeks if they are interested in your material. Snail mail submissions will not be reviewed.

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Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation

240 West 35th Street, Suite 500
New York, NY 10001
Fax: 212.279.0927

Nancy Coffey*
Joanna Stampfel-Volpe

Nancy is always on the lookout for strong historicals or historical romances, haunting gothics, upmarket women's fiction, big commercial military thrillers, literary and mainstream fiction, epic family sagas and African-American fiction and romance.  Joanna likes adult romance (historical, paranormal), fantasy (urban fantasy, steampunk), up-market fiction (dark, literary, horror, women's fic, commercial thrillers, historical, magical realism, speculative fic).

Nancy only accepts snail mail queries.  Joanna will accept snail mail or email queries.

Not looking for cozies, picture books, corporate thrillers, poetry, screenplays, short stories, traditional chick lit, hard sci-fi, epic fantasy.


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Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

110 William St. Suite 2202
New York, NY 10038
fax 212-727-2688

Katie Grimm*
Katie Kotchman*
Maura Kye-Casella*


They are currently accepting queries from new and established authors via regular mail and email. A query letter consists of a one-page description or synopsis of your work and your relevant background information. You may also include the first chapter. They do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

For queries via email, you must include the word “Query” and the agent’s full name in your subject heading. Please also include your query and sample chapter in the body of the email, as they do not open attachments for security reasons.

Please query only one agent within the Agency at a time.

Katie Grimm focuses on vivid literary fiction, transportive historical fiction, up-market women’s fiction, cohesive short story collections, and lurid mysteries & thrillers with exotic or historical settings. In young adult, she is actively seeking both contemporary and fantastical high-concepts rooted in history that have a touch of romance.

Katie Kotchman is interested in a wide range of mystery and thrillers, particularly psychological suspense, character driven mysteries, YA crossover, romantic suspense, and literary suspense; true crime; horror; women’s fiction; literary fiction; narrative non-fiction; business.

Maura represents writers of narrative non-fiction, cookbooks, women's fiction, young adult, self-help and parenting and is seeking literary works, women's fiction, horror, thrillers, multicultural voices, and any well-written novels with quirky characters and/or unique plots and settings. She's especially interested in works for both the young adult and middle grade markets.


Updated 6/26/2014

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The Cooke Agency#

278 Bloor St. East, Suite 305
Toronto, ON
M4W 3M4, Canada
t : 416 406-3390
f : 416 406-3389

Sally Harding

Email queries should be directed to Elizabeth Griffin at egriffin@cookeagency.ca, but you may mark your submission to the attention of a specific agent. In the subject line, you must include "Author Query" to get around the spam filter. Please also include your name and the title of your work.

Represents authors of literary fiction, commercial fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and romance), non-fiction (specifically narrative-driven works in the areas of popular culture, science, history, politics, and natural history), and middle-grade and young adult books.


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Cornerstone Literary Agency#

4525 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 208
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(323) 930-6039
fax (323) 930-6047
Email:  dg@cornerstoneliterary.com

Helen Breitwieser*

No email queries.  Send one page letter with bio and SASE.  Interested in romantic suspense, historical romance, would love to find a gothic romance.  No category.  No science fiction.  No screenplays or plays. 

Recommended by P&E

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The Corvisiero Law Practice, P.C.

Marisa Corvisiero

Marisa seeks creative stories with well-developed plots and rich characters with unique voices. She will consider Romance, Thrillers, Adventure, Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and any combination thereof. She will also consider the same genres for New Adult, Young Adult and Middle Grade readers.

The majority of the representation within the Publishing industry is offered by Marisa Corvisiero as a Literary Agent working in conjunction with the L. Perkins Agency.

Updated 6/26/2014

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Crichton & Associates, Inc.#

6940 Carroll Avenue, Floor 2
Takoma Park, MD 20912
(301) 495-9663
Fax (202) 318-0050
Email: cricht1@aol.com

Sha-Shana N. L. Crichton, Esq.

Email query letter.  No attachments.

Represents romance, contemporary, paranormal, historical, women's fiction and multicultural.


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Richard Curtis Associates, Inc.#

171 East 74th Street
New York, NY 10021
(212) 772-7363
fax (212) 772-7393
Email: rcurtis@curtisagency.com

Richard Curtis

Send query letter, short synopsis, three chapters, and SASE.  No fax or email submissions.  Expect response in 2 weeks.

With the exception of nationally published professional authors, they are not accepting romance queries at this time.

Highly recommended by P&E.


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7 Indian Valley Road
Weston, CT 06883
Fax 203-544-7160

Bob Diforio
Weronika Janczuk

Represents single-title romance, women's fiction, literary fiction, commercial fiction, thrillers / mysteries / crime, horrors, fantasy /sci-fi / paranormal fiction (each of all types), memoirs.

Prefers recommendations from clients, publisher contacts. Email submissions with proposal and/or Table Of Contents and sample chapters attached in Word, rich text format or .pdf, double spaced. SASE with mailed submissions.

Weronika has a website.  Email a concise one-page query letter and the first ten pages of your manuscript (this goes for all fiction and memoir submissions). Put QUERY in the subject line.

Recommended by P&E.

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Liza Dawson Associates

350 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2003
New York, NY 10001
(212) 465-9071
Fax: (212) 947-0460

Lisa Dawson*
Caitlin Blasdell

Liza likes plot-driven literary fiction, thrillers of all sorts, mysteries, women’s fiction and historicals.  Caitlin likes quality commercial fiction including science fiction & fantasy (adult, young adult, and middle grade), urban fantasy, historical, mysteries, thrillers, and women's fiction.

They accept snail mail or email queries.


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Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

PMB 515
1155 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92104-2605
Fax 858-794-2822

Jill Marr
Natalie M. Fischer
Taylor Martindale

Jill accepts women's commercial fiction.  Natalie accepts romance (contemporary and historical), historical fiction, multi-cultural fiction, paranormal, sci-fi/fantasy in YA or romance only, fairy-tale/legend spin-offs, and "beautiful dark" novels.  Taylor is interested in women's fiction and Young Adult fiction -- specifically gritty contemporary, unique paranormal/urban fantasy, and any story with a captivating voice.

Send a query letter, a 1-page synopsis, a brief bio (including a description of your publishing history), and the first 10-15 pages of your manuscript via email.


Recommended by P&E

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Jane Dowary Literary Agency

9B Little Street
Hawthorne, NJ 07506

Julia Sarah Levin

Jane Dowary Agency was founded in the beginning of 2013 by Julia Sarah Levin.

Actively looking for clients in all genres of fiction and children's works.  Does not handle non-fiction.

E-mail queries only.  No postal mail queries.   "Query" should be in the subject line of the email. Include the first sample chapter with a full synopsis, state the category of the work (children, romance, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror, thriller, mystery, literary, chick lit), state whether or not the manuscript is complete.

Julia only considers complete manuscripts. Julia does not consider multiple/simultaneous submissions.

Strongly Not Recommended by Preditors & Editors

Updated 6/26/2014

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Gandolfo Helin Literary Management

Renee C. Fountain
Jo Schaffer

Renee is looking for all types of adult and YA fiction and non-fiction. She prefers: thrillers, horror/dark fantasy, urban/contemporary fantasy, pop-culture, memoirs and narrative/commercial.

Jo is only seeking submissions in YA (fiction and non-fiction). No high fantasy.

Please address all queries to: submissions@ghliterary.com.  You must have a completed manuscript.

Write QUERY and the NAME OF THE AGENT you wish to submit to in the subject line of your email. Please only submit to one agent at a time.


Updated 6/26/2014

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Dystel & Goderich#

1 Union Square West, Suite 904
New York, NY 10003
212 627 9100
Fax: 212 627 9313

Jim McCarthy*
Lauren E. Abramo

Stephanie DeVita

Looking To Represent:  Paranormal romance, urban fantasy, young adult, romantic suspense/mystery, contemporary romance, erotica.

E-mail or snail mail a query and one or two sample chapters.


Highly recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Judith Ehrlach Literary Management #

880 Third Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 628-0214

Emmanuelle Alspaugh

Looking for all romance, except romantic suspense.  Emmanuelle represents women’s fiction, historical fiction, and romance in all subgenres. She is particularly looking for paranormal, urban fantasy, and historical romance at the moment.  They do not represent children’s books, novellas, poetry, textbooks, plays or screenplays.

Send an e-mail query and the first 10 pages to ealspaugh@judithehrlichliterary.com.


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Einstein Thompson Agency

Susanna Einstein

Formed August 2011.  Formerly with LJK Literary Agency.  Susanna is interested in crime fiction, historical fiction, and women’s fiction, as well as the occasional non-fiction book.  She is particularly interested in finding wonderful books for middle-grade or young adult readers. 

Query her at submissions@einsteinthompson.com.

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Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency#

548 Broadway, #5E
New York, NY 10012
(212) 431-4554
Fax: (212) 941-4652
Email:  Agent@EthanEllenberg.com

Ethan Ellenberg*
Denise Little

Denise Little will join the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency September 2010. She was  formerly executive editor at Tekno Books, head of Kensington''s Denise Little Presents imprint, and a buyer for Barnes & Noble. She will represent romance, paranormal, young adult, mystery, thriller, science-fiction/fantasy, non-fiction, Christian books, and horror.  She is only accepting queries via email. If you are interested in submitting a project for representation, please e-mail her a query letter describing your project, at deniselitt@aol.com

They handle all kinds of commercial fiction, including thrillers, mysteries, childrens, romance, women's fiction, ethnic, science fiction, fantasy and general.  Send introductory letter with synopsis and first three chapters.   Include all credits and publishing history.  Queries are accepted via email, but no attachments.  Expect response in 2-4 weeks.

Currently looking for every area of romance publishing and women's fiction from published and unpublished writers.


Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Elaine P. English PLLC#

(formerly Graybill & English)
4710 41st Street, NW, Suite D
Washington, DC 20016
(202) 362-5190
Fax: (202) 362-5192

Elaine English*

Queries:  queries@elaineenglish.com

Looking for romance of all genres, women's fiction, mysteries/thrillers and young adult.

They do NOT handle Children’s Books, Screenplays, or any Non-fiction.

Queries may be sent via email (with no attachments) to queries@elaineenglish.com or by regular mail with an SASE.


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Ferguson Literary Agency #

5500 W. 133rd Terrace, #821
Overland Park, KS 66209
Email:  Submissions@fergusonliteraryagency.com

Cheryl Ferguson

Looking for Romance, to include, historical, Regency-set historical, contemporary, paranormal, romantic suspense and multicultural. In mainstream fiction we acquire multicultural, women’s, commercial, thriller and historical fiction; as well as Chick Lit and Mommy Lit. Occasionally they acquire non-fiction, but are extremely selective

Send one page query to email above.


Not recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Fineprint Literary Management #

240 West 34th St, Suite 500
New York, NY 10001

Stephany Evans*, President
Meredith Hays
Suzie Townsend
Joy Azmitia

3/13/2012:  Joy Azmitia will join FinePrint Literary Management as an agent on March 19. In additional to building her list in literary fiction, women's fiction, and narrative non-fiction in the areas of history, spirituality, food, and wine (and representation of existing clients), she will serve as contracts manager and lead FinePrint's Digital Rights Management team. Previously she was a junior agent at Russell & Volkening.

A literary agency composed of the former Imprint Agency and The Peter Rubie Literary Agency

Send query by email (firstname@fineprintlit.com) or by regular mail with SASE.

Note:  Not every agent accepts queries by snail-mail. 

Each FinePrint agent has particular interests in fiction:

Stephany Evans - mainstream women's fiction, contemporary, mystery, romantic suspense, paranormal, chick lit
Meredith Hays - commercial women's fiction/chick lit, contemporary, light paranormal/mystery, urban chick lit (Meredith is closed to submissions at this time)
Suzie Townsend - romance (historical and paranormal), and fantasy (urban fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, epic fantasy). She also loves Middle Grade and YA novels (all subgenres). (As of September 1st, Suzie is closed to queries. She is planning to reopen in a few months.)


Highly Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Folio Literary Management#

(formerly Creative Media Agency)
630 9th Avenue, Suite 1101
New York, NY 10036
(212) 400-1494
Fax (212) 967-0977

Paige Wheeler* (pwheeler at foliolit(dot)com)
Erin Niumata (ecniumata(@)foliolit.com)

Paige represents all commercial fiction and upscale (think book club) fiction as well as women's fiction, romance (all types), mystery, thrillers, psychological suspense, and a very small amount of young adult projects.  She wants email queries and first five pages with 'query' in the subject line

Erin handles fiction: commercial women's fiction, historical fiction, romances (contemporary and historical but no paranormal and no erotica), women’s fiction, romantic comedies, psychological thrillers, suspense, humor.  She accepts email and smail mail queries with first three chapters.


Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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The Friedrich Agency

19 West 21st Street, Suite 201
New York, NY 10010

Molly Friedrich*
Lucy Carson*
Nichole LeFebvre

They accept queries both by email and snail mail. No unsolicited manuscripts.

Lucy is always on the lookout for YA and MG fiction (though nothing younger), but is also actively build her narrative non-fiction list, as well as upmarket fiction for adults, especially upmarket suspense.

Nichole loves literary and upmarket fiction, character-driven psychological thrillers, and magical realism that makes you question what’s possible or purely imagined. She wants to read thrillers that do more than just scare, and hit on a deep, visceral level. Bring characters with raw, honest emotions and strange, dark settings.


Updated 6/26/2014

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Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency

59 West 71st Street, Suite 9B
New York, NY 10023
(212) 362-9277

Jessica Sinsheimer, Associate Agent

Jessica is always on the lookout for new writers, she is most excited about upmarket, adult, YA, psychological, historical, political, and female-driven thrillers and mysteries–and those featuring food, travel, spies, unusual weaponry, and a large emotional and aesthetic range (a romantic element is a plus). She’s enormously fond of works with highbrow sentences and lowbrow content–and is officially open to all subgenres.

Email pitches preferred.  Once you have your pitch letter, e-mail it (in the body of the email–no attachments, please) to Submissions@SarahJaneFreymann.com. Below your query, please paste the first ten pages of your work.

Recommended by Preditors & Editors


Updated 6/26/2014

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The Gersh Agency

41 Madison Avenue
33rd Floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 997-1818

Joe Veltre


Looking for romance, historical romance, non-fiction, general literary and commercial fiction, thrillers, suspense, horror, historical fiction, memoir, pop culture, and young adult fiction.

No unsolicited materials.

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Irene Goodman Literary Agency#

80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1101
New York, NY 10011
(212) 604-0330
Fax (212) 675-1381

Irene Goodman*
Miriam Kriss
Barbara Poelle
Rachel Ekstrom

Send a query letter and the first ten pages, along with a detailed synopsis of the entire book, in the body of an email to queries@irenegoodman.com.  Snail mail queries will not be considered.

Irene is particularly interested in historical fiction with a hook, female-driven thrillers, and popular or narrative non-fiction. Miriam is passionate about modern urban fantasy, Barbara is especially looking for thrillers, mysteries, historical romance, literary fiction, and platform-driven non-fiction, including the occasional memoir.  Rachel represents women’s fiction, YA, thrillers, mysteries, romance, and historical fiction.


Highly Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Ashley Grayson Literary Agency#

1342 W. 18th Street
San Pedro, CA 90732-4010
(310) 514-1148
Email: graysonagent@earthlink.net

Lois Winston
P.O. Box 2914
Westfield, NJ 07090
E-mail: lois.graysonagent@earthlink.net

Carolyn Grayson*
Lois Winston
Denise Dumars


Carolyn and Lois: Contemporary romance, including suspense, romantic comedy, paranormal; historical romance, generally Georgian, Regency-set, Scottish, including suspense; women’s fiction; urban fantasy; and mysteries.

Carolyn: Also contemporary YA fiction, sassy non-fiction and self-help, and possibly erotica.

Denise: Contemporary dark fantasy/paranormal romance; woman lit with a twist.

Carolyn Grayson and Lois Winston accept queries by email (preferred) and by post. Denise Dumars accepts queries only by post. For all queries, please include query letter, the first three pages of your manuscript, brief synopsis, publication credits, including publisher and date(s) published. If sending by email, please put Query in the subject line of the email and please paste the first three pages and synopsis as regular text into the body of the email; do not include attachments until requested. For mail queries, please send by regular post, do not send by any method that requires a signature, include SASE.

Open to new authors.

Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Great Titles Literary Agency#

18 Greenfield Dr.
Etobicoke, ON
Canada M9B 1G9
(416) 231-6686
Email: atsallas@allstream.net

Tina Tsallas

Send query letter, detailed synopsis and first three chapters and SASE with Canadian return postage.  No email submissions.  Expect response in 6-8 weeks.  Do not send US postage. Send International Reply Coupons.

Currently looking for new and established authors in the area of women’s fiction: mainstream and category. The stories can be contemporary/historical/suspense/thrillers/fantasy.

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Sanford J. Greenburger Associates Inc.

55 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003
(212) 206-5628
Fax: (
212) 463-8718

Courtney Miller-Callihan

Looking for debut authors and published authors.  Wants romance fiction in all subgenres, commercial women's fiction and historical fiction.

To query via email, send a query in the body of the email and the following as Word attachments: the first three chapters of the manuscript (for fiction), a book proposal (for nonfiction), a synopsis of the work, and a brief bio or résumé to cmiller [at] sjga [dot] com.

To query via snail mail, submit a query letter, the first three chapters of the manuscript (for fiction), a book proposal (for nonfiction), a synopsis of the work, a brief bio or résumé, and a stamped self-addressed envelope for reply.


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Greyhaus Literary Agency#

3021 20th ST. PL SW
Puyallup, WA 98373
Email:  scott@greyhausagency.com

Scott Eagan, agent
Andrea Nash, intern

Looking for contemporary, inspirational (Love Inspired only), women's fiction, historicals, paranormal, and romantic suspense.  Writers who are currently at Harlequin and want to continue there and/or advance the career are in high demand at Greyhaus.

They do not want: urban fantasy, sci fi, fantasy, literary fiction, futuristic, erotica, YA, screenplays, movies, novellas, poetry, non-fiction, memoirs or writers targeting e-pubs.

Greyhaus Literary Agency accepts both e-queries and standard queries. E-queries should contain only a query letter with no attachments. Standard queries should contain the first three chapters, a three to five page synopsis and a SASE with adequate postage.


Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Jill Grinberg Literary Management LLC

244 Fifth Avenue, Floor 11
New York, NY 10001

Jill Grinberg*, (jill@grinbergliterary.com)
Cheryl Pientka, (cheryl@grinbergliterary.com)
Laura Ross (laura@grinbergliterary.com)

Supports general fiction, fantasy, science fiction, romance, children's and juvenile fiction.  

Please send a query letter and the first 50 pages (fiction) or proposal (non-fiction). All submissions will be read, but snail mail is preferred. If you are sending an e-query please attach the first 50 pages or proposal as a .doc. to info@grinbergliterary.com .

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Jill Grosjean Literary Agency

1390 Millstone Road
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
(631) 725-7419
Fax (631) 725-8632

Jill Grosjean*

Currently looking for mysteries, literary fiction, historical fiction, young adult, women’s fiction, and select non-fiction.

Query with SASE. Email submissions welcome, no downloads or attachments, though. Please, no cold calls.

Updated 6/26/2014

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Hartline Literary Agency

Joyce Hart
123 Queenston Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
(412) 829.2483
Email: joyce@hartlineliterary.com

Tamela Hancock Murray
10383 Godwin Drive
Manassas, VA 20110
Email: tamela@hartlineliterary.com

Diana Flegal
123 Queenston Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
(412) 915.1790
Email:  diana@hartlineliterary.com

This agency handles primarily inspirational fiction.

Joyce Hart works primarily with published authors unless you have met at a Writer’s conference. Also,she will look at referrals by a client or an editor. Joyce Hart will accept both e-mail and USPS proposals.

Tamela Hancock Murray, Terry Burns, and Diana Flegal are looking at selected first-time authors, published authors and referrals.   Diana handles mostly inspirational fiction.

Tamela and Terry accept only e-mail submissions. Diana will accept e-mail, UPS or USPS proposals but now prefers email proposals per below requirements. No zip files.

All e-mail submissions sent to Hartline Agents should be sent as a single MS Word doc., in rich text file format attached to an e-mail. Place the query letter in the email itself. Do not send the entire proposal in the body of the e-mail.


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Richard Henshaw Group#

22 West 23rd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 414-1172
Fax: (435) 417-5208
Email: submissions@henshaw.com

Susannah Taylor, Associate Agent

Please send query letter, short synopsis, and first 50 pages with SASE.  They will accept  query letters of up to 250 words via e-mail. Please do not send any attachments.

They are looking for single-title romance (contemporary, historical, paranormal, romantica), women’s fiction, mysteries and thrillers with female protagonists. Happy endings are a must!

Recommended by P&E.


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Alice Hilton Literary Agency

13131 Welby Way, Ste. B
N. Hollywood, CA 91606
(818) 982-2546
fax (818) 765-8207

Alice Hilton

Not recommended by P&E.

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Hopkins Literary Associates#

2117 Buffalo Rd, Suite 327
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 352-6268

Pamela Hopkins*

Send narrative synopsis and first three chapters with SASE.  Expect response in 4 weeks.

Currently looking for new and established authors in all women's fiction, especially historical, contemporary or category romance.

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P.O. Box 372
Brooklyn, NY 11218
(712) 686-6021

Sue Yuen

Represents romance.  Query with SASE.

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Inkwell Management

521 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2600
New York, NY  10175

fax (212) 922-0535

Richard Pine
Kim Witherspoon
Michael Carlisle
Catherine Drayton

All queries should be emailed to: submissions@inkwellmanagement.comor sent with a SASE to the above address.

InkWell Management was formed through the merger of Arthur Pine Associates, Inc., Carlisle & Company and Witherspoon Associates. The partners have a combined 65 years of experience representing best-selling authors worldwide and working closely with them to provide solid editorial advice from the proposal stage to the finished manuscript.


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International Creative Management #

825 Eighth Avenue, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Tina Wexler

Looking for contemporary, paranormal, erotica romance.

Queries may be sent via e-mail (twexler@icmtalent.com) or via post.

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JABberwocky Literary Agency

49 West 45th Street, 12th Floor North
New York, NY 10036
Fax 917.388.2998

Lisa Rodgers, Junior Agent

 Lisa is closed to unsolicited queries. Check in again later in 2014!

Lisa accepts Science Fiction (space opera, military SF, near- or far-future settings, and/or space battles), Fantasy (epic, contemporary, and dark fantasies), and Romance, as well as YA and Middle Grade.

They only respond to unsolicited queries by mail when they are accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) or, for international queries, an international reply coupon (IRC) if US postage is unavailable. They do not accept queries by phone, or by fax.

Currently e-mail queries must be directed to Eddie Schneider. Unsolicited e-mail queries sent to any other address are considered spam, and will be deleted unread.

Recommended by Preditors & Editors


Updated 6/26/2014

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Janklow & Nesbit Associates

445 Park Avenue, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10022-2606
Fax: 212-980-3671

Alexandra Machinist*

Accepts Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Commercial Fiction, Fantasy, Women's Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, and Thrillers/Suspense.  She is specifically looking for literary fiction, literary suspense, up-market women’s fiction, historical fiction, historical romance, narrative nonfiction, and any other novel that will keep her up turning pages all night.  Email: query and first ten pages in the body of the email to amachinist@janklow.com

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Caren Johnson Literary Agency#

132 East 43rd Street, #216
New York, NY 10017

Caren Johnson Estesen

As of May 2011, the agency is closed to submissions indefinitely.

Recommended by Preditors & Editors


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Justak Literary Services, Inc.#

7648 Candlewood Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Marta Justak
Jill Lawrence

Query with SASE (for response only), synopsis, and two sample chapters. All materials will be recycled, so no SASE is required for manuscripts.

Currently looking for:  romance (contemporary, historical, mystery, chick-lit, paranormal); mystery; detective/police/crime; suspense; commercial fiction; literary fiction

Most of her authors have come through referrals, but she will look at new authors. She's looking for excellent writers who understand plot, characterization, and have an easy, engaging style

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Natasha Kern Literary Agency#

P.O. Box 2908
Portland, OR 97208
Email: NKern@natashakern.com

Natasha Kern

6/09:  Listed as #6 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly

The Natasha Kern Literary Agency was rated 11th in the list of top 25 literary agencies for new writers by Writer's Digest in its March 2003 issue.

Query via email: queries@natashakern.com or regular mail sent to the agency address.  Send the query letter, synopsis, and sample pages within the body of the email. They do not accept or read unsolicited attachments. Include the word QUERY, and also the title of your project in the email subject line.

Via mail: 

  • A cover (or query) letter that includes an overview of your book, and the following:

    • The genre of your novel (e.g. romantic suspense, women's mainstream, inspirational)

    • An estimated length or word count

    • A one-paragraph bio and any previous publishing or writing credits

    • Contact information, including: address, phone/fax numbers, and email address

  • A 1-2 page synopsis of your book including how your story ends.

  • The first 5-10 pages of your manuscript

Currently looking for contemporary, historical, inspirational and multicultural romances; romantic suspense; women's fiction.


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Harvey Klinger, Inc.#

300 West 55th St, Suive 11V
New York, NY 10019
(212) 644 2020

Harvey Klinger*
Andrea Somberg

They are always interested in considering new clients, both published and unpublished. Bear in mind, they take on only a very small number of new authors in any given year.

Query by letter, first three sample chapters, and synopsis. We do not accept queries via phone or fax. Regular mail is fine, as is e-mail (queries@harveyklinger.com).

Currently looking for contemporary, historical, inspirational and multicultural romances; romantic suspense; women's fiction.


Highly Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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The Knight Agency#

577 East Avenue
Madison, GA 30650

Email: submissions@knightagency.net

Deidre Knight*
Pamela Harty
Lucienne Diver*
Nephele Tempest
Elaine Spencer
Melissa Jeglinski

6/09:  Pamela Harty listed as #7 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly
Deidre Knight listed as #9 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly

They are definitely actively looking for new and published authors at The Knight Agency.  Actively looking for:  romance (all sub-genres, especially keen to find wonderful historical authors and soft contemporary romance), Young Adult/Middle Grade, Commercial Non-fiction (inspirational, true crime, health/wellness, query on others), Contemporary Fiction, Women’s fiction, Erotica, Fantasy, literary-commercial novels

NOTE: they are no longer accepting queries by regular mail, so please email.  To query, please email submissions@knightagency.net.  The submissions coordinator will determine which agent she feels would be best-suited for each individual project or author.

Highly Recommended by P&E.


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Elaine Koster Literary Agency LLC

55 Central Park West, Suite 6
New York, NY 10023
(212) 362-9488
Fax (212) 712-0164

Elaine Koster*
Stephanie Lehmann

Elaine Koster passed away on August 12, 2010.

Stephanie is looking for chicklit and momlit, young adult, literary fiction, thrillers, mysteries and narrative nonfiction.  Query with a bio, 1-3 page synopsis, first three chapters and SASE.

KT Literary

9249 S. Broadway, #200-543
Denver, CO 80129

Kate Schafer Testerman*

As of midnight on December 17, 2010, they are currently CLOSED to all queries. THey will reopen on a yet-to-be-determined day in June 2011.  Keep an eye on the KT Literary blog for updates.  Any e-mail queries received after Dec. 17th will be deleted unread. They have not been open to snail mail queries for most of a year. Snail mail queries will be tossed.

Concentrates on middle grade and YA fiction as well as handling some select adult commercial fiction and narrative nonfiction.  Her interests cover a broad range including teen chick lit, urban fantasy and magical realism, adventure stories, and romantic comedies.

To submit to kt literary, please email them at queries@ktliterary.com. Queries should not contain attachments; if you'd like to include two or three pages of your manuscript (at the most), please do so within the body of the email. Attachments will not be read.


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Larsen/Pomada Literary Agents#

1029 Jones Street
San Francisco, California 94109
(415) 673-0939
Email: larsenpoma@aol.com

Elizabeth Pomada*
Laurie McLean

Laurie McLean handles romance, fantasy, science fiction, horror, mysteries, suspense and western novels. She also represents children's YA and middle grade fiction and non-fiction (NOT picture books or chapter books!) Laurie only accepts submissions via email, so please send the first ten pages and a 1-2 page synopsis in the body of your email to: query@agentsavant.com.  Laurie does not open attachments unless pre-arranged, so please include your text in the body of your email message.  Hint: Saving your submission in .rtf or plain text format eliminates all the weird characters and spacing.  She is closed to submissions during the months of December and January.

Elizabeth Pomada handles literary and commercial fiction, romance, thrillers, mysteries and mainstream women's novels. If you have completed a novel, please send Elizabeth the first ten pages and synopsis with SASE, mailed flat, not folded. Be sure to include your phone number and email address.


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Levine Greenberg Literary Agency#
(formerly James Levine Communications Inc)

307 Seventh Avenue Suite 1906
New York, NY 10001
(212) 337-0934
fax (212) 337-0948
Email: srostan@levinegreenberg.com

Stephanie Kip Rostan*

Query Stephanie by email at srostan@levinegreenberg.com

Stephanie is currently looking for Romance of all kinds – historical, contemporary, paranormal and romantic suspense – straight suspense, mainstream historicals and general women’s fiction.

Submit online at http://www.levinegreenberg.com/how-to-submit/.

Recommended by P&E.

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LJK Literary Management LLC#

708 Third Avenue, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Susanna Einstein

This agency has closed.  Agents Susanna Einstein and Emma Thompson formed the Einstein Thompson Agency.  Queries can be sent to submissions@einsteinthompson.com.

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Lindstrom Literary Management LLC

871 N. Greenbrier Street
Arlington, VA  22205

Kristen Lindstrom

Send a query e-mail to submissions@lindstromliterary.com that describes the book, its genre and length, as well as the first three chapters and a synopsis of the manuscript. Include an author biography and publishing history in the e-mail. Paste this information into the body of the e-mail.

Seeking commercial and literary fiction and narrative nonfiction.  In particular, she wants new, talented writers of mysteries, thrillers and women's fiction. 


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Lowenstein Associates#

121 W. 27th St, Ste 601
New York, NY 10001
(212) 206-1630
fax (212) 727-0280

Natanya Wheeler

Effective July 2009, Nancy Yost is leaving Lowenstein-Yost to start up her own agency.

Accepts paper and electronic submissions of both fiction and non-fiction, however it does not represent the following material: horror, westerns, science-fiction, children's books, textbooks and books in need of translation.

Please send a one-page query letter via email, along with the first ten pages pasted in the body of the message (if fiction; for non-fiction, please send only a query letter), by email to assistant@bookhaven.com. Please put the word QUERY and the title of your project in the subject field of your email and address it to the agent of your choice. Please do not send an attachment as the message will be deleted without being read and no reply will be sent.

By mail send a query letter, short synopsis, first chapter and a S.A.S.E (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope).

Natanya is aggressively looking to build her fiction list with strong writers who have original and confident voices. She’s particularly interested in literary fiction that touches on current events or multicultural issues, women’s fiction of all kinds, dark, edgy character-driven thrillers, moody mysteries, young adult and single title graphic novels. She does not handle poetry, horror or science fiction.


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Donald Maass Literary Agency#

121 West 27th Street, Suite 801
New York, NY 10001
Email:  info@maassagency.com

Jennifer Jackson*
Katie Shea

10/2011:  Katie Shea is new to DMLA.  She is looking for commercial, literary, women's fiction and memoirs.

Please submit a one-page query, plus the synopsis and first five pages of the manuscript to info@maassagency.com or via mail with enclosed SASE for reply.

Currently looking for romance with either contemporary or historical settings, including suspense, paranormal, multicultural, and inspirational; also women’s fiction. Additionally, we represent other genres such as mystery, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, and YA.   New authors are welcome.


Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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MacGregor Literary Agency

2373 N.W. 185th Avenue
Suite 165
Hillsboro, OR 97124-7076

Chip MacGregor*
Sandra Bishop

Handles contemporary and historical romance, Amish stories, romantic suspense, thrillers/crime, inspirational fiction, and women's fiction.

MacGregor Literary works primarily with established authors. At this time they are not looking to add unpublished authors except through referrals from current clients.  Unsolicited manuscripts sent to them will be discarded, even if a self-addressed stamped envelope is included.  Query at submissions@macgregorliterary.com.


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Manus & Associates Literary Agency

425 Sherman Ave, Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Fax  650-470-5159

New York Office
445 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Fax  212-644-3374

Email:  manuslit@manuslit.com

Stephanie Lee*

Send query letter with synopsis, first 30 pages, and SASE.  Will accept email and fax queries without attachments.  Expect response in 6 weeks.  Send all manuscript submissions to the California office. 

Recommended by P&E.

Currently looking for new or established authors in romantic fiction--category, long contemporary and historical, romantic suspense and romantic comedy.  No paranormal.


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Denise Marcil Literary Agency #

156 5th Avenue, Suite 625
New York, NY 10010

Denise Marcil*
Maura Kye-Casella*

Send one-page, written query letter with SASE, describing work and writing history.  Do NOT query by fax or email.

Denise Marcil is seeking mainstream historical fiction with female lead characters, preferably based upon real historical figures; paranormals; mainstream suspense with female protagonists, and multicultural fiction including but not limited to Latina fiction and African-American women’s fiction.

Maura Kye-Caella is seeking mainstream thriller/suspense novels, cutting edge paranormals that go above and beyond the current genre, and multicultural novels.


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Marsal Lyon Literary Agency#

PMB 121
665 San Rodolfo Dr. 124
Solana Beach, CA 92075
(858) 492-8009

Kevan Lyon
Jill Marsal

6/09:  Kevan Lyon listed as #5 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly

For electronic submissions, please send a query letter to query@marsallyonliteraryagency.com and write “QUERY” in the subject line of the email. For hard copy submissions, please send the following: include a cover letter, 1 page synopsis of your work, and the first 10 pages of your manuscript.

Looking for romance (all genres), historical, contemporary, paranormal, romantic suspense, young adult, other women’s fiction including: commercial, women’s fiction & chick-lit, mainstream, multicultural, mystery, suspense, & thriller.


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Evan Marshall Agency#

Six Tristam Place
Pine Brook, NJ  07058-9445
973) 882.1122
Fax (973) 882.3099

Evan Marshall*

Send query letter with SASE by regular mail only. No e-mail queries accepted.

Currently looking for established authors in search of fresh career management.

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The McCarthy Agency

7 Allen St
Rumson, NJ 07760
(732) 741-3065
Email: McCarthylit@aol.com

Shawna McCarthy*
Nahvae Frost

Queries acceptable via email .

Agency opened in 1999.  Open to all kinds of romance.

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McIntosh & Otis, Inc.#

353 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Fax: 212-687-6894
Email:  info@mcintoshandotis.com

Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein*
Shira Hoffman*
Christa Heschke*

Email is the preferred submission method. Please email agents directly.

All text should be pasted in the body of the email as outlined in the submission guidelines. Emails containing attachments will not be opened and will be automatically deleted due to security reasons.

Represents single title romance, contemporary romance, paranormal, romantic suspense, historical romance and chick-lit.

Elizabeth is looking for literary fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, romance, thriller, mystery/suspense, narrative non-fiction, history, and current affairs.

Shira's primary interests include mainstream commercial fiction, mystery, literary fiction, women’s fiction, romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, horror and dystopian.

Christa is a fan of new adult and young adult novels with a romantic angle, and strong, quirky protagonists. In young and new adult, Christa is especially interested in contemporary fiction, horror and thrillers/mysteries. She’d also like to see any steampunk and fantasy (urban and high), that pushes the boundaries of what's currently on the shelves, perhaps a new take on these genres that has yet to be seen.


Updated 6/26/2014

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Bob Mecoy Literary Agency

66 Grand Street, Suite One
New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-1936
Fax (212) 226-1398

Bob Mecoy

Bob accepts mystery, thrillers / suspense, military / espionage, romance, young adult science fiction and fantasy, and graphic novels.

Recommended by Preditors & Editors

Updated 6/26/2014

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Mendel Media Group#

115 West 30th Street, Suite 800
New York, NY 10001

Scott Mendel*

Please do not send inquiries by email or fax..  send the first twenty pages and a synopsis by regular post to the address above, along with a detailed letter about your publication history and the history of the project, if it has been submitted previously to publishers or other agents

Looking for Authors of contemporary mainstream women’s fiction, non-category fiction for women readers in their 20s and 30s, and meaty historical novels by experts in their periods. No paranormal, time travel, science fiction or fantasy themes, please, or work that has already been unsuccessfully exposed to the market.


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Martha Millard Literary Agency

420 Central Park West #5H
New York, NY 10025
(212) 662 1030

Martha Millard*

Not able to consider unsolicted queries at this time. Referrals through professional associates.

Well-known in the science fiction and fantasy fields, also specializes in mystery, romance and other genre fiction.

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Maureen Moran Agency#

P.O. Box 20191
Park West Station
New York, NY 10025
(212) 222-3838
fax (212) 531-3464

Maureen Moran

Prefer letter with SASE. If the book and author sound promising, she'll ask to see the complete manuscript or partial with a recently published book. Brief e-mail queries are fine, but no attachments, please.

Currently looking for women's fiction.  No fantasy, science fiction or horror.

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Grace Morgan Literary Agency #

405 East 54th Street, Suite 8E
New York, NY 10022

Grace Morgan

Looking for all forms of mystery, limited romance, fantasy, women’s fiction, and men’s fiction.

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Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

30 Pierrepont Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 222-8400

Kate McKean

Represents literary fiction, contemporary women's fiction, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, mystery, young adult and middle grade fiction, narrative non-fiction, sports related books, food writing, pop culture, and craft. She is not accepting any queries until after September 13, 2010. She is not accepting any epic fantasy, science fiction, or children's picture books.  Does not accept email queries.


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William Morris Agency#

1325 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019-6026
(212) 586-5100

Mel Berger*

For fiction and non-fiction queries, please send ONLY a cover letter with a synopsis and your publication history, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  No email queries.

Open to all types of fiction.


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Mortimer Literary Agency#

52645 Paui Rd.
Aguanga, CA 92536
(951) 332-8206

Email: mla@mtpalomar.net

Kelly L. Mortimer

As of February 24, 2009 Kelly Mortimer was listed as the President, CEO and Editorial Director of Underdog Press. This information can be found on the company's "About Us" section of their Web site. http://www.underdogpress.com/

She only represents writers not yet published, or those not pubbed in the last three years at a traditional publishing house. You must have a completed manuscript in order to query.  The agency accepts e-mail queries only at: queries@mortimerliterary.com.  Type ‘Query’ and the title of your manuscript in the subject line. DO NOT send proposals, pages, or a synopsis with your query, please.

Currently looking for Contemporary Romance - Single Title and Category, Historical Romance - Single Title and Category, Mainstream/General Fiction, Paranormal [Dark and Light], Thrillers/Suspense, Young Adult [protagonist is 16 years old and above] [closed to Inspirational YA right now] .


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Nelson Literary Agency#

1732 Wazee Street, Suite 207
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 292-2805
fax (720) 384.0761

Kristin Nelson*
Sara Megibow

3/13/2012:  At the end of March, Lindsay Mergens is leaving Nelson Literary Agency to pursue freelance opportunities. Joining the agency is Adrienne Sparks, former associate director of marketing at Doubleday.

Please email a short query to determine interest.  Anything longer should be sent via snail mail.  No phone queries.

Looking for commercial fiction (romance, women’s fiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult & middle grade) and literary fiction with a commercial bent. They also consider a few nonfiction projects that tend to be story-based, such as memoir and narrative nonfiction.  No inspirational or category.

Recommended by P&E.


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Pen & Ink Literary

New York, NY

Anne Bohner
Twitter @PENandINKlit

Looking for commercial women's fiction, romance, YA and popular nonfiction.

Use online form or send query via email to ab@penandinklit.com .


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L. Perkins Agency#

5800 Arlington  Ave.
Riverdale, NY 10471
Phone: (718) 543-5344

Email:  submissions@lperkinsagency.com

Lori Perkins ( not accepting submissions)
Louise Fury
Sandy Lu
Saritza Hernandez (epub agent)

Agency Blog

Please email them a query letter with a brief synopsis, bio and the first five pages from your novel or book proposal in the body of your email.  Attachments will not be opened unless specifically requested. They only accept email queries. They do not accept queries by snail mail or phone. All snail mail queries will be discarded unopened.

Lori Perkins is not currently taking on any new clients.

Louise Fury is seeking well written, teen Sci-Fi and Young Adult horror.  She is also on the hunt for deep, dark contemporary YA and select Middle Grade fiction with a literary feel-- it must be realistic and thought provoking and the characters must be authentic and original.

Louise is a huge adult horror fan, but also loves romance (especially Regency & Victorian) and is looking for steam/cyberpunk.

In nonfiction, please send humor and pop culture manuscripts her way.

Sandy Lu is looking for dark literary and commercial fiction, mystery, thriller, psychological horror, paranormal/urban fantasy, historical fiction, and YA.  In particular, she is looking for historical thrillers or mysteries set in Victorian times and has recently fallen in love with steampunk.

In non-fiction, she is looking for narrative non-fiction, history, biography, pop science, pop psychology, pop culture (music/theatre/film), humor, and food writing. 

She is also actively searching for espionage fiction and non-fiction set in China between the two World Wars.  No romance, high fantasy, children’s picture books, how-to/self-help, parenting, religion/spirituality, and sports. 

Saritza Hernandez represents both new and established authors and is currently looking for strong erotic romance in the following sub-genres:  Paranormal, sci-fi, steampunk, cyberpunk, fantasy, BDSM, historical (emphasis on Ancient Egypt, Caribbean/MesoAmerican), intercultural and all GLBT-themed erotica for the digital marketplace.   Find her submission guidelines on her blog: saritzahernandez.blogspot.com and please send queries to: sh@lperkinsagency.com

Has a Conflict Advisory according to Preditors & Editors


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Alicka Pistek Literary Agency, LLC#

302A West 12th St., #124
New York, NY 10014
Email: info@apliterary.com

Alicka Pistek

Now accepting e-mail queries only. Please e-mail your query letter and the first three chapters to: info@apliterary.com. The first three chapters may be sent as an attachment.  They will read and carefully consider all submission but will only respond to those that seem appropriate. Romance submissions will be deemed a special category; please indicate in the subject heading whether your submission is a romance.

Alicka welcomes submissions of literary fiction, plot-driven commercial fiction, especially suspense, thrillers, romance and mysteries and she is interested in high-quality non-fiction, including narrative nonfiction, science, biography, history, travel, and current affairs.


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The Prospect Agency#

285 Fifth Avenue, PMB 445
Brookyn, NY 112
Email: esk@prospectagency.com

Emily Sylvan Kim*

6/09:  Listed as #8 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly

They request a query letter, three chapters and a brief synopsis.

Currently looking for great romance, erotica and women's fiction.  They do not accept poetry, textbooks, plays, and screenplays.

Prospect Agency only accepts website submissions. Go to submissions to upload your materials. Please do not send submissions via email or mail. Email submissions will be blocked. Unsolicited paper submissions sent by traditional mail will be recycled.


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Red Sofa Literary

2163 Grand Avenue #2
St. Paul, MN 55105
(651) 224-6670

Jennie Goloboy, Associate Literary Agent

Genre Fiction– Science Fiction/Fantasy or Paranormal, especially with a literary flair.
Young Adult and Middle Grade– Fiction, especially Science Fiction/Fantasy

Send an email and/or query letter initially, before attempting to send a full book proposal or sample chapters.  If querying via email, please only put the contents of your query IN the email. They will not open attachments unless they have been requested in advance.  NO PHONE QUERIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.


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The Rosenberg Group#

23 Lincoln Avenue
Marblehead, MA 01945
(781) 990-1341
Fax:  (781) 990-1344

Barbara Collins Rosenberg*

Send one-page query letter with SASE.  No fax or email queries.  Only query one project at a time.  If writing for category, list line you're targeting.   Be sure to include word count.  Expect a response within a week.

Currently looking for category, single title contemporary, historical, romantic suspense, chick-lit, lady-lit and women's fiction.  No inspirational, time-travel, paranormal or futuristics.


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Jane Rotrosen Agency#

318 East 51st Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 593-4330
fax (212) 935-6985
Email: jrotrosen@aol.com

Andrea Cirillo
Annelise Robey
Christina Hogrebe
Meg Ruley

Send query letter and brief synopsis with SASE.  No attachments with email queries.  Expect response in 1-4 weeks.

Currently looking for broad range of romance fiction--contemporary and historical, single title and category from new and established authors.  No unsolicited manuscripts.


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Damaris Rowland Agency#

5 Peter Cooper Road, #13 H
New York, NY 10010
(212) 358-9411

Damaris Rowland*

Send query letter with SASE.  Expect response within 8 weeks.

Currently looking for historical romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and general women's fiction.

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Liza Royce Agency LLC

1049 Park Ave
New York, NY 10028

Liza Fleissig

Manuscripts for consideration may be sent to submissions@lizaroyce.com .

Liza loves a good thriller/suspense/mystery that keeps her guessing until the end. She also gravitates to commercial women’s fiction and loves a sarcastic comic voice. On the children’s side, she handles all categories, though is looking mostly for young adult and middle grade.

Updated 6/26/2014

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Eric W. Ruben, Attorney at Law, PC#

222 Broadway, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10038

Eric W. Ruben

Query by email at eric@rubenlaw.org.  Looking to represent all kinds of romance.


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Susan Schulman Literary Agency

454 West 44th Street
New York NY 10036
(212) 713 1633/4/5
Fax (212) 581 8830
Email: schulmanqueries@yahoo.com

Susan Schulman*
Christine Morin

Follow on Twitter

Fiction interests include contemporary fiction, including women's, mysteries, historical and thrillers `with a cutting edge'. 

Always looking for `something original and fresh'. No unsolicited mss. Query first, including outline and three sample chapters with IRCs. No attachments.  No reading fee.

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Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency, Inc.

276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 708
New York NY 10001

(212) 679-8686
Fax: (212) 679-6710
Email: mailroom@scglit.com

Russell Galen

E-mail queries are strongly preferred, but must not be accompanied by attachments of any kind. If you prefer to mail a hard copy letter, please include your e-mail address so they can reply by e-mail, and don't include a SASE or anything else. Send an unadorned, unaccompanied letter as your first step, whether paper or e-mail.

Open to romance.

Highly Recommended by P&E.


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Lynn Seligman Literary Agency

400 Highland Avenue
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
(973) 783-3631

Lynn Seligman

Query with chapter, synopsis and SASE.

Seeking Detective/Police/Crime, Ethnic, Fantasy, Feminist, Gay/Lesbian, Historical, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Mainstream/Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense, Romance (Contemporary, Gothic, Historical, Regency), Science Fiction, Women's Fiction

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Serendipity Literary Agency

305 Gates Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Karen Thomas, Senior Agent
Foladé Bell, Associate Agent
Michelle Hardy, Associate Agent

Thomas' main areas of interest are: narrative non-fiction, celebrity, pop culture, memoir, general fiction, women's fiction, romance, mystery, self-help, inspirational, Christian based fiction and non-fiction including Evangelical.

Foladé is actively seeking to represent a broad range of projects. She is particularly drawn to: literary and commercial women’s fiction with a strong sense of story, voice and character; funny and relatable fiction; Daring YA books that showcase a fresh, unique perspective; literary mysteries/thrillers that aren’t formulaic or market saturated, contemporary historical fiction, African-American issues, gay/lesbian, Christian fiction, humor and books that deeply explore other cultures. No subject is out-of-bounds. She loves non-fiction that reads like fiction. Feel free to approach her with ideas adapted from blogs or websites with new views on pop culture.

Hardy is actively seeking to represent a broad range of projects. Most recently, she joined the team  at Serendipity Literary Agency as an agent looking to acquire  non-fiction self help, motivational and empowerment, women's fiction, relationship, pop culture, leadership and non-denominational spiritual titles.  Feel free to contact her in reference to any non fiction subject.

Complete the form on their website to submit your manuscript.  You will need a one page synopsis of the work that details the plot and theme of the story and the first fifty pages or first three chapters of your manuscript.

Serendipity Literary Agency is on Facebook and encourages you to "LIKE" them at www.facebook.com/serendipitylit and stay updated with agency news and interact with them personally there.

Please note that they are no longer accepting snail mail submissions and these will be unopened and discarded.


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The Seymour Agency#

475 Miner St. RD
Canton, NY 13617
(315) 386-1831
fax (315) 386-1037
Email: marysue@twcny.rr.com

Mary Sue Seymour*
Nicole Resciniti

Send one-to-two page cover letter with SASE.  Email queries are okay.   Expect response in 2-3 weeks.

Currently looking for prescriptive nonfiction written by credentialed authors, other types of nonfiction, women's fiction and romance, Christian and inspirational books.

Mary Sue loves inspirational romance, including Amish and historicla novels.  Nicole is seeking paranormal, suspense, polished sci-fi/fantasy and YA.  Paste first five pages of your novel into the body of your email query.


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Wendy Sherman Associates, Inc.

450 Seventh Avenue
Suite 3004
New York, NY 10123
(212) 279-9027
Fax: (212) 279-8863
Email: wendy@wsherman.com

Wendy Sherman*
Kim Perel

Send an e-mail query and the first 10 pages to submissions@wsherman.com or via post to address above.  Only accepts queries via email.  your last name, title, and the name of the agent you are submitting to in the subject line.  For fiction, please include a query letter and your first 10 pages copied and pasted in the body of the email.  They will not open attachments unless they have been requested.  For non-fiction, please include your query letter and author bio.

Currently looking for paranormal, historical and contemporary romance.  No romantic suspense.

They are not looking for includes genre fiction such as mystery, fantasy and science fiction. They do not handle children's books or screenplays.


Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Spectrum Literary Agency#

320 Central Park West, Suite 1-D
New York, NY 10025
FAX: (212) 362-4562

Eleanor Wood

Send query letter, brief synopsis, sample chapters and SASE.  No fax, email or telephone queries.  Expect response in 1-2 months.

Currently looking for:  romance (paranormal, romantic suspense, highly original historicals), romantica, fantasy, mystery/thrillers.


Recommended by Preditors & Editors

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Spencerhill Associates, LTD#

P.O. Box 374
7 Railroad Avenue
Chatham, NY 12037
(518) 392-9293

Karen Solem*
Jennifer Schober

6/09:  Jennifer Schober isted as #4 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly
Karen Solem listed as #10 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly

Send outline and sample chapter with a letter of introduction. They’d prefer not to see just a letter. Don’t forget to send postage if you want the material returned to you. Electronic queries should be sent to Jennifer@klsbooks.com.

Currently looking for category romance, single title, women's fiction, historical romances, romantic suspense and thrillers.  Jennifer is especially interested in science fantasy and has acquired a few erotica/paranormal tiles. They do not handle young-adult material.

Actively looking to acquire some exciting new voices as well as established, published authors at this time

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Steele-Perkins Literary Agency#

26 Island Lane
Canandaigua, NY 14424
(716) 396-9290
Fax (716) 396-3579
Email:  pattiesp@aol.com

Pattie Steele-Perkins*

Send query letter, first three chapters, synopsis and SASE or email pattiesp@aol.com with synopsis and query letter.   Include "query" in subject line.  No email attachments.  Expect response in 6 weeks. 

Currently looking for all genres of romance, including category, romantic suspense, inspirational, multicultural, chick-lit, women's stories, historical and mainstream women's fiction.

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Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.#

65 Bleecker St., 12th Floor
New York, NY 10012
(212) 780-6050
fax (212) 780-6095

Claudia Cross*
Marcy Posner

Send query letter and first three chapters.  Expect response within 4 weeks.

Currently looking for category, romantic suspense, historical romance, contemporary women's fiction, inspirational, mystery and thrillers.

Recommended by Preditors & Editors


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Pam Strickler Author Management#

P.O. Box 16
Accord, NY 12404
Email: pamstrickleragency@gmail.com

Pamela Dean Strickler*

This agency is closed to new queries until after September.

PREFER EMAIL queries, including a one page letter with a brief description of your plot, plus the first ten pages of your novel ALL PASTED IN to the body of the email. Sorry, unknown attachments will not be opened.

Looking for women's fiction, historical fiction and romance of all kinds.  Does not handle Nonfiction, YA/Children's, Picture Books or Screenplays.

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The Stringer Literary Agency, LLC#

P.O. Box 770365
Naples, FL 34107

Marlene Stringer*

Query by e-mail only.  Please send a well-prepared, one-page query including a brief synopsis of your work, relevant publishing history, if any, and contact information.  Include the first five pages within the body of the e-mail.  No attachments, please. Put the title and the word "query" in the subject line.

Represents romance, women's fiction, YA and teen, middle-grade, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, smart horror, suspense, and mystery.


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The Strothman Agency LLC#

197 Eighth Street
Flagship Wharf - 611
Charlestown, MA 02129

Lauren MacLeod (YA only)

They handle young adult and literary fiction.  They do not handle romance, science fiction, picture books or poetry.   

Please do not send entire manuscripts unless requested. They do not accept or respond to queries via fax or telephone.  They accept queries via email at strothmanagency@gmail.com only.  Snail mail queries will be returned unopened.


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Mary M. Tahan, Literary Agency, LLC

PO Box 1015 Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276
Fax 212-714-7795
Email: querymarytahan@earthlink.net

Mary M. Tahan*

For fiction, send synopsis and first ten pages.  Does not accept unsolicited queries.

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The Talbot Fortune Agency

180 E. Prospect Ave. #188
Mamaroneck, New York 10543

E-Mail queries@talbotfortuneagency.com

Gail Fortune
John Talbot*

The agency represents authors of narrative nonfiction, romance, women's fiction, suspense, and literary fiction. They do not handle children's books, westerns, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, or screenplays.

PLEASE QUERY VIA EMAIL ONLY using the email address above. Be sure to include the word "query" in the subject line, and specify whether the query is addressed to John Talbot or Gail Fortune. The query letter should be one page only, with no attachments. An email with links, photos, attachments, or in any way not identifiable as a query letter will be deleted unread. If you have been referred by someone please note this by including the word "referral" in the subject line of your email. Please remember to include your daytime phone number and return email address as well as your physical mailing address. Also remember to include the title of your book and the approximate word count. Note any previous publications you have had, plus any relevant writing experience.


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Talcott Notch Literary Services

2 Broad Street
Second Floor, Suites 1,2 & 10
Milford, CT 06460
fax: 203-876-9517

Gina Panettieri, President
Paula Munier, Senior Literary Agent
Rachael Dugar, Associate Agent
Jessica Negron, Associate Agent

Gina handles fiction – mystery, thrillers, suspense, horror, science fiction, romance, mainstream, action-adventure; nonfiction – memoir, true crime, history, career, cookbooks, medicine and fitness, travel, parenting, self-help, humor, test prep and study guides, coffee table books, juvenile fiction and nonfiction for middle-grade and young adult.

Paula's specialties include mystery/thriller, SF/fantasy, romance, YA, memoir, humor, pop culture, health & wellness, cooking, self-help, pop psych, New Age, inspirational, technology, science, and writing.

Rachael works with young adult, middle grade, romance, and women’s fiction.

Jessica wants commercial fiction, sci fi and fantasy (and all the little sub genres), psychological thrillers (fewer Navy SEALS and more Gillian Flynn), cozy mysteries, romance, and erotic romance. Plus all genres of YA.

Query letters should be one to two pages long and can be accompanied by the first ten pages of your manuscript. They strongly prefer email queries and can reply faster to email. Email queries should be addressed to the specific agent you are interested in considering your work.

From Preditors & Editors:  9/17/07: some reports of slowness have been received. 1/18/09: a writer reports not hearing from the agent for months.


Updated 6/26/2014

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Patricia Teal Literary Agency#

2036 Vista Del Rosa
Fullerton, CA 92831-1336
(714) 738-8333

Patricia Teal*

Send query letter with SASE.  Expect response within 10 days.

Currently looking for category fiction, especially women’s fiction by established authors only.

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Three Seas Literary Agency#

3 Seas Literary Agency
P.O. Box 8571
Madison, WI 53708
(608) 221-4306

Michelle Grajkowski*
Cori Deyoe

Please email your first chapter and synopsis to queries@threeseaslit.com with the subject line of QUERY.  Email queries sent to any other address will not be read. They no longer are accepting snail mail submissions.

Their agency specializes in romance, women’s fiction and children’s books. They are currently looking for fantastic authors with a voice of their own. More specifically, they love any type of romance (historical, contemporary, romantic suspense, paranormal, chick lit, inspirationals and fantasy) and young adult and middle grade fiction. They also represent mysteries, thrillers and select nonfiction titles.

They currently are not accepting poetry, screenplays or short stories.


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Charles Tolbert, Esq

Literary Representation
New York Office
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200
New York, NY 10001
(212) 769-7980
Fax (212)679-2310

New Jersey Office
115 Franklin Turnpike, No. 259
Mahwah, NJ 07430
(201) 962-2940
(201) 828-5819


The Law Offices of Charles Tolbert is at the moment not accepting queries or manuscripts due to current publishing and film development projects.

Promotes fiction and non-fiction to publishing companies, magazine and motion pictures.  Send a query letter with an overview of your material and a concise biography to an address above.  Include your name, address, email and phone number with your letter and an SASE.

Recommended by Preditors and Editors

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Trident Media Group

41 Madison Avenue, 36th Floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 333-1500

Ellen Levine*, Executive Vice President
Paul Fedorko, Literary Agent (212) 333-1533
Kimberly Whalen, Vice President/Literary Agent
Stephanie MacLean, Literary Agent
Jenny Bent, Literary Agent
Alyssa Eisner Henkin

6/09:  Kimberly Whalen listed as #2 Top Agent for Romance/Women's Fiction by Publisher's Weekly

Stephanie specializes in romance, women's fiction and YA

They are actively seeking new or established authors in a variety of genres:  both fiction and non-fiction.  Send a query letter via mail or email.  Do not send a manuscript unless asked to do so by an agent.

Trident will reject any submissions made to more than one agent at their firm at the same time.

Jenny Bent has recently joined Trident Media Group where she represents literary fiction, women's commercial fiction and popular non-fiction.

This agency represents mostly big name published authors, which does include some romance authors such as Carly Phillips.  They currently represent Janet Evanovitch and  Dean Koontz.


Highly Recommended by P&E.

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Unter Agency

23 West 74th Street, Suite 100
New York, NY 10010
(212) 401-4068

Jennifer Unter

Send a query letter to Jennifer@theunteragency.com. They are interested in seeing quality fiction and general nonfiction, with a particular interest in memoir, food/cooking, nature/environment, biography, pop culture, travel/adventure, true crime, politics and health/fitness. Additionally, they are looking for all types of children's literature (picture books, middle grade, and young adult)


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Vigliano Associates

584 Broadway , Suite 809
New York, NY  10012
(212) 226-7800
Fax:  (212) 226-5508
Email: db@viglianoassociates.com

Is not accepting unsolicited queries at this time.

Highly Recommended by P&E

Top of Page

The Vines Agency Inc.

53 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY  11215
(212) 777-5522   
Fax: 212-777-5978
Email: jv@vinesagency.com

James Vines

The agency is no longer accepting new clients. PLEASE DO NOT SEND QUERY LETTERS.

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Waxman Leavall Literary Agency

Attn:  Submissions
80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1101
New York, NY 10011

Holly Root

Send query to holly@waxmanagency.com.

Currently looking for paranormal romance, historical romance, erotica, women's fiction and young adult.  Please query via form on their website or print it out and mail to above address.


Recommended by P&E

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Cherry Weiner Literary Agency

28 Kipling Way
Manalapan NJ 07726

Cherry Weiner

Handles all genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, westerns, mystery, romance, Native American.  No YA or children.

Has established group of authors.  Only accepts queries from people she meets at conferences.

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WordServe Literary Agency

10152 Knoll Circle
Highlands Ranch, CO 80130

Queries: admin@wordserveliterary.com

Rachelle Gardner
Barbara J. Scott

9/2011:  Barbara J. Scott has just joined WordServe.  She is interested in Full-length fiction, 65,000 to 100,000 words. General market or Christian market. Genres: Women’s, Romance, Suspense/Thriller, Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Historical, Family Saga, Amish, Political Thrillers, Mainstream, Supernatural/Speculative, including End Times. Short contemporary and historical fiction, 40,000 to 65,000 words. Christian market. Genres: Romance, Historical, Romantic Suspense. Will accept queries for Barbour, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, Summerside Love Finds You, and Avon Inspire. Kids: Middle grade and YA books.  Query her at barbara@wordserveliterary.com. 

Interested in a broad spectrum of genres including Christian fiction, suspense, romance,  women's, historical, suspense/thriller, legal, literary, mainstream, supernatural, romance. NO fantasy or sci-fi.

Query only via email.  Rachelle Gardner does not accept queries in the months of July and December.  Please address queries to: admin@wordserveliterary.com. In the subject line, include the word QUERY.


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Writer's House#

21 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 685-2400
fax (212) 685-1781

Amy Becktower
Daniel Lazar*
Jodi Reamer*, Esq.
Robin Rue*
Maya Rock

Send queries to attention of Submissions.

Currently looking for category, romantic suspense, historical romance, contemporary women's fiction from established authors only.

To send to Maya Rock, send a query letter and first page in the body of the email.  She is not accepting snail mail.  She will only read personalized email.

To send to Jodi Reamer, send the first ten pages of your manuscript and query letter via snail mail.

Writers House represents fiction and non-fiction, for both adult and juvenile books. Our agents work with literary and commercial fiction, women's fiction, science fiction/fantasy, narrative non-fiction, history, memoirs, biographies, books on psychology, science, parenting, cookbooks, how-to, self-help, business, finance, young adult and juvenile fiction/non-fiction and picture books.

Please send them a query letter of no more than two pages, which includes your credentials, an explanation of what makes your book unique and special, and a synopsis. Also, please include a self-addressed-stamped-envelope for their reply, which generally takes six to eight weeks.

Please do not query two agents within their agency simultaneously.

Highly Recommended by P&E.


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Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency#

1138 South Webster Street
Kokomo, IN  46902

Sharene Martin-Brown*

Open to ALL types of romance, erotica and women’s fiction. This includes GLBT projects in romance and erotica.

Visit website or blog for latest news before querying.  To query, please send a brief message describing your work and your publishing credits and/or preparation to be a novelist, along with the first ten pages of your manuscript pasted in the body of your e-mail, to the following address: sharenembrown@wylie-merrick.com

Please note: If your work includes a prologue, and the prologue runs over ten pages, please just send the first ten pages of chapter one.

Recommended by Preditors and Editors


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Nancy Yost Literary Agency

350 Seventh Street, Suite 2003
New York, NY 10001
(212) 239-2861

Nancy Yost*
Natanya Wheeler*
Zoe F. Shacham

They accept queries by snail mail and email. For queries via the post office, please make sure to include a SASE for their reply. They will respond to queries within six weeks.

For fiction and narrative nonfiction, please send a query letter, which should include a brief overview of your project, previous publications, if any, and any relevant information about you. They would also like to see the first chapter, as it’s the writing that really helps them connect with your manuscript.

Nancy Yost represents a wide variety of writers of commercial fiction, specializing in crime novels; thrillers, mysteries, suspense; historical fiction and historical suspense; and women’s fiction of all kinds. Her nonfiction tastes lean to social history and natural science. She looks for complex, engrossing, character- and voice-driven reads, and has a fondness for a good ghost story, southern fiction, historical fiction and atmosphere.

Natanya is particularly interested in literary fiction that touches on current events or multicultural issues; family sagas; dark and edgy thrillers with a great new hook, moody mysteries and cozy mysteries. She loves to find new writers and does not shy away from debut talent.

Zoe F. Shacham is open to first-time writers and is looking for unique voices of all genres, but especially in literary fiction, compelling young adult fiction, narrative nonfiction and pop culture. She does not handle poetry, horror, fantasy or science fiction.


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